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Even if i agree on what is said in the article my post is irrelevant (from one point of view).

I just couldn't find your email(who needs that anyway in the blogging age)

Dear Russell

You must get tones of emails from young hopefuls, but this comes straight from my "branded" heart. My name is John and i' m in love with great advertising and communications from the age of 3.I really don't know how that happened. I finished my masters on December and I also finished the APG Training network on April. I believe that i have many thinks to offer to
the industry and that it has many thinks to offer to me.The really interesting question is how can i get in.

A couple of months ago I created a blog which I use mainly as a platform to expose my ideas on advertising, brands and communications. It is based on thoughts about the future of communications,analysis on current campaigns and other creative stuff. some months ago i had seen a video of you talking vaguely about brand polyphony.That video started something in me and i got hooked with this big idea.So i wrote an applied piece on brand polyphony and PS3 launch which i think is interesting and i want you to see it.I 'd love to have your feedback. I was also thinking of coming tomorrow to the breakfast club at 11am and we could have a little chat.

my blog is : www.brandtelling.wordpress.com

and the article is at http://brandtelling.wordpress.com/2007/03/29/the-launch-campaign-of-ps3/

kind regards

John Samaras


the reason branding no longer motivates consumers is because so much of it is emotionally dissonant. That's to say, the emotional values advertising - and by advertising I really mean planning - ascribes to products no longer corresponds to the reality of the consumer experience.

Hope this helps

Tom Wnek

Brilliant piece.

have just read this post after rereading the first chapter of the cluetrain manifesto (online at http://www.cluetrain.com/apocalypso.html)

there are a lot of parallels despite the 8 year time difference! but i suppose the the main one (for me) is that traditional branding still hasn't quite got the idea that the passive, conditioned audience just doesn't exist anymore - in the words of that great quote "we are the people formerly known as the audience". and as a result - and as you suspect - traditional branding has been dead on its feet for some time now. time to bury it.

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