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» Russell Davies Video: Meet Designer Stefan Bucher from IF
Russell Davies says, "You're going to do better as a planner if you're interested in, and understand, what drives creative people." Here's an interview he's conducted with graphic designer and illustrator Stefan Bucher of 344 Design. russell davies: vi... [Read More]


Hi Russell. I'm really enjoying these interviews. In this last one I particularly loved the dynamic of exploitation you touched on with Stefan. I can think of a handful of designers, techies and Planners like this who who focus more on the quality of the outcome. There needs to be a special word for these people or this dynamic. I'm sure it could apply to certain companies as well.

Emily, I'm very glad you're liking these. It's also well worth visiting Stefan's site and finding video of a speech he did somewhere. He touches on a lot of these themes.

I love that Stefan. What a life.

I love that Anne. She's the Pam Buttons of the new paradigm.

Russell, won´t we get more assignements?
(I´m looking up everyday)

I'm working on a new and exciting assignment. In the next couple of days. Patience.

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