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Hi Russell, I am trying to contact you from a magazine in London about reprinting your photos of each channel in the Grand Hyatt in Jordan. Can you email me urgently... i can't find an email address for you on your site. Hope this works!

It's really a shame what's happening to Disneyland. Walt's main goal in creating the theme park was to make visitors feel as though they were entering into a magical fantasy world totally disconnected form our social reality. Almost like stepping into someone's vast, numinous imagination. "Hard sells" and blatant greed quickly remove you from the "experience," which I foresee precipitating into the fall of Disney.

Thats definitely true. Although its nice to have more offers, it does get a little irritating.

Though a good one I saw at a Burger King was a badge on the assistant that said "If I dont offer you Onion Rings you get them for free"

Oh, I can't begin to describe how much I dislike the WHSmith upsell. It causes me to get flustered at the checkout because, as you point out, I thought I'd made all my decisions - having already wrestled with my conscience about whether I really need/want/deserve that small treat.

There's no way you can walk away happy with your purchase. Either you're a fool to have passed up a great offer (the sales assistants often like to point this out), or you're burdened with an obscene amount of something you know is bad for you and a feeling that you have been manipulated.

Models never do measure the fact that people get irritated by stuff. If they did measure the forgotten 99% who don't respond etc, then we wouldn't have junk mail, crap TV ads, urban spam etc.
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