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here is my little attempt at a planning blog... www.helpmybrand.com

Pedestrian comments by a planner in Manila. ;-)

Why is our industry so full of bloody labels and departments?

I'm a copywriter and sometime creative director with a love for ideas and thinking that lead to more ideas and thinking.

Don't know if that makes me a planner but I do consider myself a strategic thinker.

Find me online at http://branddna.blogspot.com

Hi Russell,
After Miami I started an english version of my brazilian blog: http://2twoway-monologue.blogspot.com

Great idea Russell. Here's a blog that is the fruit of two planners - Phil and Dawn:



awesome idea! http://misskirstyh.blogspot.com/

I also started my own list a couple weeks ago, but linking it on your blog makes it even better.


hey Russell - cool idea - thanks for adding me on there.. I hope to update it with some interesting bits on planning in India (nascent, exciting and v creative in its disorganised state)


Diablog Cafe


Thanks Russell, you've just extended my morning reading routine by an hour or three.

My trial:


count me in, russell. i'm from romania. we cross our paths at brandowrks. will you be in romania this fall? there are some rumors that you will be here.

Thanks for adding me Russell :)
Im going to have to end up with a new blog named "The Famous Rob" the way things are going!

And thanks for the continued support my 'fan' !

Russell, the list is a marvelous idea.

But I'm not sure we qualify 100%, but certainly 50% though.

Alice and I, (she's the planner-half), are actually working together as a kind of Web 2.0 creative team.

I'm a copywriter, but decided to drop the idea of working one on one with an Art Director, in preference to working full-time with a planner/ethnographer.

I don't know if teaming up like this to work on every aspect of a job is a first, but I expect to see more of us doing it in the world of New Marketing.

It does seem that planners have been much quicker to embrace blogging, podcasting, using wiki's and all the new tools our there, more than the creative departments have, but the balance will I'm sure, be redressed in time.

I'm old enough to remember the early, and admittedly short-lived, reluctance to the introduction of Mac's in creative departments a generation or so ago, "fine for the studio, but I'll stick with my layout pad and black bullet marker please".

And Alice reminds me of an agency she worked at not too long ago, where the Planning Department was geographically, if not emotionally, (other than in management and client's eyes), part of Account handling, not the Creative department.

Is this kind of dotty thinking which encouraged us to go full on as a working creative/planner team across the same desk.

Anyway, sorry to have gone on a bit, suffice to say, we would love to be part of the merry right-hand column band.

Mike Coulter & Dr Alice Bartholomew.


Sounds like the planner blog list might be a good use for some kind of wiki...

I've seen it work well in similar situations.

Just a thought...

I rant and bitch about all things at www.robcampbell.wordpress.com

www.planningliberationfront.wordpress.com - celebrating daftness in marketing and advertising.

smashing idea.
here's my very humble contribution:


Thanks for adding me Russell.

Is there a way of aggregating them all on a 'masterplanning blog', like the Digg of strategy, I wonder?

Comments sections could get lively...

cynical rob - pay attention, you're already on there.

David and Iain - yes, good idea I'll build a wiki. But maybe not until next week.

or maybe a ziki. Or a squidoo.

Mike, I (a planner) have worked with an Art Director before in a team, briefly, and loved it, and hope to do so again, although also hope of course to always work with all Art Directors (and Writers) I come across whilst working as a solo Planner....

I've just started at http://anguswhines.typepad.com. Still VERY early days and still to find my voice over and above posting ads I like but it will come. (By the way, still to find time and a theme to play properly with vox, but so far am finding it in some ways much more rigid than Livejournal but in other ways certainly improved in editing/posting/content management)

Great idea Russell.

Here is my humble contribution to the planning blogosphere.


(We once fighted an uneven battle of the ad blogs – maybe you remember?)

My blog is still in its infancy
but is called "Extraordinary" and involves me going around interviewing people. I have other stuff on there check it out. I am not a planner, just a very curious unconventional individual.


or my band (shameful plug I know) : )


Its a videoblog(still figuring out the language of editing)

Next generation see....just call me Picard.


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