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It's only a bad thing if the attitude spills over into one's actual work.

The post immediately brought to mind all those claims that are made about lost revenues due to sudden bursts of adverse weather or other events that impact some organisation for a couple of days. Someone creates the figure by multiplying average revenue by number of days lost but there's no consideration of the fact that most, if not all, of the spending will be made up in the future since the pound in your pocket is still there.

Perhaps we all only have a set amount of productive work that we can deliver in a year and people skive safe in the knowledge that missing a few meetings won't reduce their total output in the long run?

This is certainly not limited to the UK. My daily drive to work in Los Angeles (at a major record label) has been cut from an hour to 25 minutes all week. Once there primed and ready to work, I found that approx 30% of the staff had yet to return and those that did were 'just getting going again'. All and all a quiet week.
Interesting to note as well that the Los Angeles school system gave their students this past week off as well, in large part due to the huge distances to south america that many of the immigrant population must travel to see their familys.

Maybe it's a global thing. Maybe this will be a lucky year for the whole world.

If you love skive you should come more often to the Kingdom of Skive : France. There you will learn how to 'esquiver' work with 35-hour weeks.

Mexico City has been wonderfully quiet for the last two weeks. Those that can take off for the school holidays. They say that around 6 million people left the city over the holidays. The next big exodus is Easter week and that is slowly being extended from 1 to 2 weeks, again to match the school holidays.

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