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What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes)

Its practically impossible to come up with really new thoughts and while both the points you've made crossed my path prior to your posts they made a lot of sense in their context. (Dale Carnegie's How to win friends and influence people (1936) is an earlier reference for listening to people to make yourself more interesting) However...

More ideas less stuff is pretty revolutionary for an ad guy.

Distributed village has more depth than global village

Brand polyphony took on (or off) the straight jacket of the proposition or reductionism of one word equity (There isn't a word for one word equity is there?)

Oh...and talking like a human being, sharing stuff, picking up on twitter very early (big thanks for that) and lots of other stuff has changed planning for the better principally through encouraging a lot of blogging.

Other than that you've pilfered shamelessly.

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Hi Russell,
I feel the same way lately, as if there are no more new ideas out there...everything has already been said or done in the past. So I take comfort in the words of Picasso:
"Good artists copy, Great artists steal".

Just ordered Paul Arden's book. Thanks for the signpost, Russell.

at the risk of appearing brown-nosed, I'd say what you do better than most is present familiar ideas in a new light. Even a subtle variation in hue can be enough to make someone see differently. Enough metaphors.

i'm going to blatantly brown-nose: i've got mr arden's book. and love it. a lot. but when i think of 'the best way to be interesting is to be interested', i think of mr davies. [and not the one on the bbc, or the dr w_ one.] maybe because your picture was a better illustration of the point, but mostly because you actually illustrated it through your actions.

From the BBC's chat-up guide (yes, surprised me, too http://www.bbc.co.uk/relationships/singles_and_dating/techniques_chattingup.shtml)

tips for success (no.2)

1. Avoid cheesy chat up lines and focus more on 'approach scenarios'.

2. Ask questions and show a genuine interest in what the other person is saying.

3. Match your listener's mood.

Of course we'll run out of 'new ideas'. Originality is in their application.

And there you scored extremely high.

Yes, there is something to be said for being original, but only one person can be first. There are a lot of people left not being original.

But, having passion, trying new things, not being afraid... Those are things anyone can do, yet not everyone does.

I applaud your efforts not because they are (or aren't) orginal, but because you say, 'screw it, let's try something fun!' and I think that is maybe more important than being original.

The secret of originality is concealing all sources.

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