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So it's the late-80s and me and my friend are going to the Def Leppard concert (as one did in the late-80s). Opening act: Europe. Ok, we go with it (after all we are at a Def Lep concert, so who are we to look down our noses at Europe).

They open with their seminal masterpiece - The Final Countdown before continuing their set with other gems such as Cherokee (trail of tears). Then, when it's time to exit, stage left, they say their thank yous to the crowd before playing one last song - The Final Countdown. Yes, that's right, they played the same song twice in one concert. Had my friend and I been the type to take mind-altering pharmaceuticals we probably wouldn't have noticed. But we weren't and we did.

But with a group like Europe there really wasn't anything you could do but bob your head, fist pump and live in the moment.

I saw Neil Diamond live and he played Sweet Caroline three times. Back to back. No fuss, no hype, he just finished the song and started right back up again.

I think that's just how the song goes, Ben.

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