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From Tim: Your mobile phone is an incredibly personal thing. How is Vodafone going to ensure that mobile spam is avoided?


Given the enormous equity Vodafone has built via sponsorships such as Football and Formula 1, how do you view integrating these assets into your communication plans?

What are the biggest obstacles in moving from being a technology company to being a content company?

Given that the big old internet companies tend to get aced by the new kids on the block like YouTube and Facebook, how will Vodafone Live fare in the brave new mobile internet world?

You and your team at Vodafone routinely treat your agencies as service providers rather than partners. You've worked in an agency yourself. Are we kidding ourselves that we can ever be true partners and should just get on with delivery?

What are his views on how the new service being launched by the ex-CEO Nokia, Blyk (a pan-European free mobile operator, funded by advertising) will shape the industry? This takes mobile advertising to a new level.

My problem with Vodafone is the lack of warmth and customer affinity. What are your thoughts on this?

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