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Thanks Russell.

Yes, but is it any good?

Jett - could you define what you mean as 'good' or what you are refering to as 'it'?

I this you nailed it this.

"I suspect this will lead to a smaller audience, but deeper involvement."

Many advertisers are still scared of this statement, and it'll take a LONG time to change.

I recently did a call with an agency who told me that Publisher sites has to be careful about doing TOO much audience targeting / segmentation because otherwise they might end up with incredibly targeted ads but only 30 impressions and there's no way anyone will pay for that.

Smaller audience, yes, but if the audience are the opinion formers then job's a good 'un!

Incidentally Bausola, Where are the Jonses is excellent, it's really funny. And a lovely move by Ford. Every ad angency be kacking it's breeks at what Imagination has done.

Thanks Mike.

I wondered what that smell was.

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