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I don't know if Unilever will ever hire you again, but I do reckon your Campaign articles would be better if they let you write the headlines as opposed to a subbie.

Not that there's anything wrong with your Campaign articles or anything.

I guess contradiction is a part of life and we are all guilty of it.

It's not being aware of it or prepared to work it out that is most pernicious.

I think Unilever could turn this to their advantage in due course. Campaign for real beauty is a beauty of an idea.

Here is a little video I put together that illustrates that point:



I guess the question is will consumers ever expect the same sincerity and purpose out of brands as they expect out of real life people? As brands try to establish more meaningful relationships with people, this could be a problem. But, if people won't ever truly have a deep relationship with an inanimate. non-human object (a la Russell's entry on robots), then does deep does sincerity go?

Are you writing things for Ad Age now, as well as Campaign? Very... prescient

Women praise sincerity (so they say). Men (especially teenagers) praise "dishonest" fun. Unilever = consistent product segmentation according to one's needs and attitudes. "What you need you'll hear from us" should be Lever's motto:)

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