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  • I've got these various blogs about cafes. I love cafes. But it's gradually dawning on me that I'm not going to be able to visit every cafe in the world. So I'd love to invite your contributions. If you want to do a cafe entry like one of these then please do, just send it to me - russell at and I'll put it up.

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I think that Goddards Pie & Mash Shop in Greenwich would be deserving of a place on your website


Sorry, I've only just noticed this comment. I'm not used to getting them. I'll definitely pay goddards a visit.


Just writing to say as an Irishman living in Denmark you're making me long for a visit to the Miami Cafe in Dunlaoighre, just outside of Dublin. Check it out if you're ever there, it's on Georges St( the main street) and they do some of the best EBCB and mixed grills you'll get anywhere, and a fantastic bag of chips at the takeaway sited at the entrance. Good tea too.

James Evans

I used to go in the Sheperdess for takeaway breakfast when I worked around the corner in Sheperdess Walk a good few years back.

Classic place and worthy of your comments. Good work, nice one.

Happy days.


Proud and pleased as punch to see my local caff getting the recognition it deserves - they truly do the best chips in town...

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