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  • from Kieran

    i used to work as a dispatch rider in london and went to hundreds of cafes and i've seen some of my old faves on your website. i wonder if you can help me find a real gem.... it was a small cafe run by an ex-boxer in his late 50's and had old b&w photos of boxers/fights/promo posters all over the place and i mean from skirting boards to ceilings. the food was good but the character of the place and the people there was awesome. all i can remember is that it was in it's own small building in the greenwich area on a desolate industrial estate. it'd be great to re-visit or see a review cheers and thanks for all that dedicated eating

  • from Clare

    It may be too far out of the west end for you, but I have a haven of greasy spooned-ness at the end of my road. YORK CAFE on Woolwich Road is clean, friendly and with proper chips. It is even licensed I think. Give it a go!

  • from Lambros

    TJ's Cafe in mortlake sw14 open seven days a weeks, big portions!! cheap. you should definatley visit this place won the "best greasy spoon" in london award 2003

  • from The Shropshire Cafe

    Russell how come we have not seen you at our cafe you are missing a treat. We serve the best all day breakfast in the North West We cater for everyone also we are in the process of taking on the title of the Ace Cafe of the Midlands Regards Lynn & Pete.

  • from Dave

    May I heartily recommend Sues Cafe in Gillingham Road, Gillingham, Kent (almost opposite the Arriva Bus Depot). Great food, great tea............very good prices for such good quality breakfasts and dinners.

  • from Abby

    The mess in Hackney is much nicer (and admittedly middle classer) than it's local counterparts (nice sausage rather than pig's bum). Some say it's better than Mario's... Alt for a good proper greasy spoon Dilari's on the corner of Mare Street is pretty good. Packed out every lunchtime and they have a non-smoking side of the room. Finally, if you live near Ealing and you've never been to Starvin' Marvins you're missing out. I was cautiously eating my breakfast with the pancake and maple syrup on one side and the bacon and eggs and hash brown on the other. Then absentmindedly I stabbed a bit of bacon onto the end of my syrupy pancaked-up fork… It's manna from lardarse heaven.

  • from Emma

    I love yr book and website. I have never commented on one or a blog before as I dont know how to. My son got this space for me. I am trying to get info on my favourite old cafe, The Blue Sky, by corner of Westbourne Grove and Chepstow Rd,London W2, between PAddington and Portobello Rd, which was my home from home from 1974-80.I lived in various squats and flats nearby and hung out with various groovy people in those days.... It closed down a few years ago. I wld love to get photos and the name/address of the lovely Irish waitress and Italian boss.... I have tried the Archives at Westminster City Library but no luck. I am doing a Ceramics degree as a v mature student and want to do an installation recreating a table at it, the light coming thru steamy bright plateglass windows, the smells, food, china,plastic menus, etc etc. I have assembled a load of stuff (tables, chairs etc),but they are not perfect. I wonder if you have any ideas on where I cld borrow/hire perfect stuff in one fell swoop, for a few days in early Jan 07? Most of all I want to get hold of a tape/CD of cafe background noises. Any ideas? Many thanks, Emma

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It might not be relevant, but Bar Italia has a blue plaque on the front. It's the building where television was invented (or one of them, I guess). It just sort of adds some weight of history to the place ...


This is a good cafe, though as you suggested, spoiled by a rather self-consciously hip clientele.

I was also here early on a Sunday a few weeks back, being about an hour early for an appointment. The poseurs reading their papers outside made me laugh. This is the kind of cafe you can find all over the place in Italy or Spain.

With the TV, music and general rushing around, it was all a bit too frantic for my taste, even at 8am on a Sunday. It was compensated for however by the best-looking waitresses I've seen for ages!


Worth noting that Cafe Italia next door on the left (see the first photo above) has an upstairs section that's usually quiet even when every other cafe around there is busy. Great for reading the paper with a cup of tea. They have sash windows you can pull open and watch the world go by.

khalid el hamraoui

salut moi khalid hamraoui 22 ans celebater old hamdan dar el jadida N 139 rue 2 beni mellal maroco tele maroco


There is a song by Pulp called 'bar Italia' about this place.


sou brasileiro


ciao a toutti


Bar Italia is undoubtly the best cafe in London. I have been going to it since I was 12-on the way to chinese school :-(
I think the only reason it is intimidating is because of the mad Italians running around shouting at each other and the fact everyone knows each other, but I assure you it is a great atmosphere with fantastic people working there.
It is also great at 4.30am, after a night out, waiting for the tubes and trains to work again.

siedasi con un caffè e guardi il mondo andare vicino...


Bar Italia!!!!! it's owned by my family and it's become a part of me, the culture is so rich and so is the coffee, the best in the world. Also owned by my family is caffen italia, nino's paninos, little italy etc. so go there aswell if you get a chance!


Gary Cook

Am I right in thinking this place never closes?

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