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  • from Kieran

    i used to work as a dispatch rider in london and went to hundreds of cafes and i've seen some of my old faves on your website. i wonder if you can help me find a real gem.... it was a small cafe run by an ex-boxer in his late 50's and had old b&w photos of boxers/fights/promo posters all over the place and i mean from skirting boards to ceilings. the food was good but the character of the place and the people there was awesome. all i can remember is that it was in it's own small building in the greenwich area on a desolate industrial estate. it'd be great to re-visit or see a review cheers and thanks for all that dedicated eating

  • from Clare

    It may be too far out of the west end for you, but I have a haven of greasy spooned-ness at the end of my road. YORK CAFE on Woolwich Road is clean, friendly and with proper chips. It is even licensed I think. Give it a go!

  • from Lambros

    TJ's Cafe in mortlake sw14 open seven days a weeks, big portions!! cheap. you should definatley visit this place won the "best greasy spoon" in london award 2003

  • from The Shropshire Cafe

    Russell how come we have not seen you at our cafe you are missing a treat. We serve the best all day breakfast in the North West We cater for everyone also we are in the process of taking on the title of the Ace Cafe of the Midlands Regards Lynn & Pete.

  • from Dave

    May I heartily recommend Sues Cafe in Gillingham Road, Gillingham, Kent (almost opposite the Arriva Bus Depot). Great food, great tea............very good prices for such good quality breakfasts and dinners.

  • from Abby

    The mess in Hackney is much nicer (and admittedly middle classer) than it's local counterparts (nice sausage rather than pig's bum). Some say it's better than Mario's... Alt for a good proper greasy spoon Dilari's on the corner of Mare Street is pretty good. Packed out every lunchtime and they have a non-smoking side of the room. Finally, if you live near Ealing and you've never been to Starvin' Marvins you're missing out. I was cautiously eating my breakfast with the pancake and maple syrup on one side and the bacon and eggs and hash brown on the other. Then absentmindedly I stabbed a bit of bacon onto the end of my syrupy pancaked-up fork… It's manna from lardarse heaven.

  • from Emma

    I love yr book and website. I have never commented on one or a blog before as I dont know how to. My son got this space for me. I am trying to get info on my favourite old cafe, The Blue Sky, by corner of Westbourne Grove and Chepstow Rd,London W2, between PAddington and Portobello Rd, which was my home from home from 1974-80.I lived in various squats and flats nearby and hung out with various groovy people in those days.... It closed down a few years ago. I wld love to get photos and the name/address of the lovely Irish waitress and Italian boss.... I have tried the Archives at Westminster City Library but no luck. I am doing a Ceramics degree as a v mature student and want to do an installation recreating a table at it, the light coming thru steamy bright plateglass windows, the smells, food, china,plastic menus, etc etc. I have assembled a load of stuff (tables, chairs etc),but they are not perfect. I wonder if you have any ideas on where I cld borrow/hire perfect stuff in one fell swoop, for a few days in early Jan 07? Most of all I want to get hold of a tape/CD of cafe background noises. Any ideas? Many thanks, Emma

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Steve Hill

Another gem:
Bay View Diner
Coble Landing, The Beach, Filey, North Yorkshire, YO14 9LF
01723 516 779
Was there Monday 3 Sept 2005. Perfect ebcb: two eggs without asking; well-cooked bacon; tasty beans; fab chips; nice staff; views of coble [local fishing boat] landing from mezzanine.


top tip. many thanks. I'll have to check it out.

Sean Sims

Great to see the Harbour Bar...fond memories from my holidays as a kid living in the North.

Puzzled not to see any Brighton & Hove caffs???

Was in Tiffany's in the North Lanes at the Weekend... great brekkie, served on a plate big enough to carve a Turkey.. & the only 'all day' caff with a license I've come across!.. "two all day breakfasts, pint of Fosters & a glass of rose for the lady" (were very sophisticated here in Brighton)

Come & check out the many caffs down here, my local is the 'moving with the modern times' "Cup-O-Chino" in Hove

Great book, bought my brothers a copy each at Christmas, & got one myself off the missus.

Keep up the great work, & if you need any leads to the caffs in Brighton & Hove, let me know.



thanks Sean, very glad you like the book.

I don't know why Brighton's slipped through the gap either. I keep meaning to visit and then something comes up. I'll definitely get down there soon.


hi i think it look nice u should keep it up


Bless. I grew up in Scarborough and used to share harbour bar knickerbocker glories with my mum when I was a kid (the one day she did let me have one to myself I couldnae finish it). Also, when it was cold and windy - usually after a winter walk around the marine driveused to go in for hot chocolate (which has it's own special tap thing on the counter).

It was featured in the Observer food monthly a while ago as an ice cream parlour. It's alright but I always preferred Pacittos a bit further down that had the lemon sorbet blob on top of your 99 that was so sour you'd have to suck your cheeks.


How fantastic to stumble upon this when searching for something completely unrelated. This place was a big part of my childhood and I worked there in the hols when I was at uni. The owners were fabulous people. Lots of fond memories. I now live in Australia and take my kids for a knickerbockerglory whenever we are visiting. Fun site by the way.

Clare Hyslop

I have been coming to scarborough since i was a baby, My fater was born here and as a kid i bring my kids here and they love the place. When ever we arrive in scarborough the first thing my Husband says is coffee time and the kids icecream they love the Harbour Bar and i hope they never ever change we all love it x x x x x


Just got back from a flying visit to Scarborough and had a knickerbocker glory in Pacitto's. Will be posting pics.


Another voice in support of the Harbour Bar. Back when I was a Postman in Scarborough, I enjoyed the occasional amazing coffee there - it's funny how you don't appreciate or visit these places enough when you live there.

Will have to pay it a visit when I'm back home this weekend...

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