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Pete Scott

The Rendezvous is an absolute gem. I moved from Yorkshire to the North East at the end of the 80's and spent a lot of time in this cafe while courting my wife. The Ice Creams are magnificent on a hot day, especially the Sugar Cones. I have spent many happy hours sitting looking at the lighthouse out on Bates Island from here. I'm glad you appreciate it too.


Is the Rendezvous still open ? I'll be going up to Newcastle sometime in the next few months, and I'd like to pay a visit.

There's another cafe in Whitley Bay, Italian-owned, more modern, away from the beach. I can't remember its name, but it shone out like a beacon, when I was in the area last February. It was an oasis of light and warmth in the out-of-season gloom, and had the usual spirit-raising Italiana.

John Mitchell

Hi Patrick,
I can confirm that the Rendezvous is still open,I think there is some restriction during the winter months i.e. Weekends only and shorter open hours.
I do a lot of walking down the coast usually from Blyth to North Shields and often stop there for most welcome excellent refreshments.


Paul Trueman

The Rendezvous is one of the best cafes in the world - the place has terrific views and one of the best atmospheres for relaxing in that I know of. My kids love the icecreams here. Touch of tradional British Seaside with an Italian approach. You can even buy their own postcards and printed mugs now - but you have to visit in person to get your hands on one. Wonderful family run cafe with some excellent customer service. Pay it a visit if you're in town.

andrew lawrence

the Rendezvous is legendry. Make a trip there on Boxing Day after the Xmas Pudding Run. A large race that attracts over 1000 entrants.



I've been going there since I was a very young child and it's hardly changed. I have a few photos of the rendezvous on my flickr page, starting at the site above.


great shots. big thanks for sharing.

Geoff Holland

The Rendezvous Cafe is one of Whitley Bay`s gems. It has served refreshments to generations of holidaymakers. Why not pick up a copy of The Coastal Walk from any North Tyneside Library or Tourist Information Centre which passes this perfectly delightful seaside icecream parlour.As the poet Julia Darling said in her poem about the cafe.....`I would like us to meet/where the Horlicks is sweet.`

Barry Nelson

I used to visit this wonderful cafe when I was a teenager in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the perfect place to take a breather on the bracing walk between Seaton Sluice and Whitley Bay. A couple of weeks ago while visiting the area I decided to have a quick look inside. I was astonished that nothing appears to have changed. It was such a blast from the plast I could almost hear Gene Pitney singing 24 Hours To Tulsa. A preservation order should be slapped on this place immediately. Long may it serve frothy coffee to the grateful masses.
Barry Nelson, Darlington.


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julie clay

The Rendezvous Cafe - lots of happy memories from when i was a child of 'Mr Venetian' and his van visiting my house in Shields Road, he would sing to us while putting his gorgeous white ice cream into my mams best sunday bowl and covering it in monkey's blood. He still works in the Rendezvous and is still so happy to see us.... lovely people, lovely service, lovely cafe.


As a kid, I was taken to the Rendezvous/Venetian by my grandparents in the 60's. In the 90's, I took my own kids. Soon, I'll take my grandson - nothing changes.


Tim the Enchanter

The Rendezvous holds very happy memories for me. Hanging out at the beach in the 60's with good friends, making one cup of coffee last a couple of hours! I love the place and visit as often as possible.


I am originally from west yorkshire and i have lived in sunderland for 5 years and i cant believe ive missed this cafe. I will certianly be calling in there soon. Is it near the blue reef centre?

Clin Hoolihan

Some comments about the Rendezvous from the excellent site about memories of Whitley Bay from the seventies and eighties:

"The Rendezvous Café

If 1970s Whitley Bay reappeared in the mists like a sort of Brigadoon, this seafront temple of the snackular would look pretty much as it does today. A wondrous place and just the same as ever it was, with its wobbly tables and big arched windows looking out onto the panorama of sand and foam, the "Ren-dez-vowse" (as we called it before school taught us how to speak 'foreign' proper like) is sadly the last remaining of the truly notable buildings that stood along the Promenade.

An unspoilt and spotless nostalgia-fest of frothy espresso, wafers by Tunnocks, and toilets you could eat your dinner off. A place to sit and soothe with a mug of milky tea and a cream horn, admiring the original parquet flooring whilst rubbing the dried sand off your legs with a rolled-up sock.

“Woah! Am goan too see me girlfriend...”

I have this lovely memory from 1975, during that scorching hot summer, of walking back from St Mary's Island along the glistening sunny beach to the sound of waves and laughter, and there was the very beautiful (still is) Titsiana, of the family who own the Rendezvous. She (who was in the year above me at Star of The Sea) was playing in the sea and singing 'Barbados'. A lovely, golden snapshot of that time, though it'll mean sod all to anybody else."

Joan Fleming

Do you remember Margaret's Cafe on Maryhill Road across the road from Eastpark Home, around the late '50s or 1960s


i lived in holly ave and i remember the owners they also had ice cream vans.Titssieanna was my friend and im pleased they still have the cafe they where lovely people

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