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claire gates

Excellent, have been meaning to eat in here for ages - this is just down the road from us.

I love their chalkboard outside - always raises a smile!

Lee Thomas

Don;t know how i missed this, went there yesterday for a meeting. Absolutely first class coffee and service.

I've always been reminded of sweet shops whenever i've had a scandinavian breakfast (an ex was danish) and here's somewhere that is just that, actually recreating the feeling of a sweet shop.

They even sell that old meme Spunk. See below;


Matt Furlong

I am going here today, for my lunch time cup of tea...and to read my new book "The book of General Ignorance"...to say I was excited would be...true!

Lola Hoeglinger

Looks like my secret is out! Well couldn't keep it to myself forever could I :)

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