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Keith Richardson

I'm emailing from New Zealand. I was searching for information using Bethnall Green as the "trigger". My great grandparents came from the Bethnall Green/Stepney area. The paternal name was Blandford. I was wondering if there was any link to the name of your cafe? However I have checked in my (battered) London A -Z mapbook to see where exactly Chiltern St is, & I note that it is some distance from Stepney. Worth a shot though.
Keith Richardson

Ben Sutton

Would complete to have some photos of turds from each visit...doubt this is possible or tasteful but the last photo of a wiped plate just makes me think there's more that the author isn't showing us.


I know what you mean. I think that would take me into scary territory though. Plus you don't want to think about output, you want to concentrate on input.

Chris Whyld

Your comments appeal directly to my sense of humour. And I am now going to do tour of your caffs. This is the best thing I have read in ages.

Chris Whyld
Actor & Geography Teacher

ps Try the Star Cafe on Whitechapel Road. It's my regualr Saturday Lunch Time Venue.


really glad you like the blog. let me know how the tour goes. and i'll definitely visit The Star. thanks for the tip.



The other celebrity is Gavin Rossendale(?) from the group Bush.

I've not been here yet, but will get to it soon as part of my trek through Adrian Maddox's gazetter of classic cafes. I've now become a cafe-spotter nerd!!!


Sorry, Gavin Rossdale of Bush.


Love your site. Only problem is, after looking at all your E B C B photos, I'm heading for the fridge.


On starting a new place of work, I always try and source the best caffs. Blandfords is very close to my current place of employment and I have to say I'm very disappointed. It is very overpriced (perhaps the celebrity factor has forced them to up prices?) and althought I've been there a few times to try and give them the opportunity to redeem themselves, food takes forever to arrive, generally warm/getting cold rather than hot, and frankly ungenerous portions. Sorry Blandfords, I had high hopes, but you just don't cut it....


Saviour of our mornings. We just love the red 'Saoss'.

Joanne Titcomb

Hi....does anyone know if Blandfords is still open? I am visiting London in 2 weeks and would love to have a fry-up here as it is very close to my hotel
Many Thanks

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