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Patrick Turland

I agree with you about the service and prices. I was there a few weeks ago, on a Sunday, and found everything was fine, with the Polish(?) waitress being very pleasant, and the prices ok. when you look at the corporate gentrification of the area, you know that this place won't be around for much longer, so enjoy it while you can. Try Ponti's round the corner in Bishopsgate, which is open 24 hours. It might be part of the Ponti's chain, but it has a lot of old-style features


i'll try out the pontis. thanks for the suggestion.

Chris Atkinson

Ever thought of coming south of the river? Please do, passports not necessary, come and visit Maggies Cafe & Restaurant,
322 Lewisham Road, London SE13 7PA, Tel: (020 8244 0339) - only a short walk from Lewisham DLR.


Yeah you seem to have forgotten about se london... Check out Dulwich Cafe, Lordship Lane, East dulwich


It's not about the cup it's about the tea and this place has been here for 40 years and considering the small kitchen they have and extensive menu they do very well.And sell good food for the price being a top chef i take my hat off to them.
Having friends who work in the city they always go to eat there.Having been there on numerous times i have noticed it caters to a variety of people.From greenpeace to city dealers and designers and i think your comments are unfair considering that all we see around london are american finance starbucks and other chains.


Having lost the Copper Grill on Eldon St, the City Corner has come as a god send for those Friday hangovers.

'Full Monty' and a cup of rosie for a fiver, I don't think you can complain compared to elsewhere in the square mile. As for service - who cares, it's a caff not the ritz.

The City Corner does exactly what it says on the tin.


having come over from japan which i have been working over there for 15 years i thought id check out my old place for breakfast and i was pleasantly surprised to find its still there and the same friendly faces were still there and remebered me. Even though the place was full of film crew which was filming over night in the great eastern hotel and told me that they prefer the breakfast here.Due to the price and quality.

Andy Young

Just to say that I agree with everything said above about the City Corner. As someone who works opposite and regularly frequents breakfast haunts in the City, it was fine until my colleague admitted he no longer liked the place. When challenged, he admitted he had put on so much weight that he could no longer fit in between the "tight" benches and the table! Beware the good eating.....he now attends the Hamilton Hall where its an excuse for an early beer with a reasonable fry up for the same price.


I used to frequent this caff every Sunday morning before going on to running a stall on the now almost dead Spitalfields Market. Loved the "greasy" food and huge teas here and fairly cheap for the area.
Pontis round the corner - try a cheap beans on toast and a tea.


We discovered this yesterday after a long walk and found that the egg on toast and a bacon sandwich was great, especially as it was all prepared by a 4' old lady behind the counter. Very nice. I particularly enjoyed my can of diet coke imported from Macedonia - didn't realise Macedonia still uses cyrillic alphabet. Hmm... Yes, we liked the Corner Cafe a great deal and will be back there again soon.


Just happened upon this after eating at City Corner over a week ago. The breakfast - bacon, eggs in a ciabatta - and the coffee were quite all right, and the prices quite reasonable given its proximity to the City. The female server (Italian, I believe and wife of the chef/owner) was really pleasant to speak to as well.

I didn't notice the St. George's Cross (I was quite tired) but I did notice the autographed Italian football jersey on the wall.

It's been a couple of years since Patrick Turland commented that this place wouldn't be around much longer (see first comment), and I'm happy to say The City Corner still seems to be going strong.

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