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I was in the area today, having a look around Fitzrovia, which I know reasonably well.

There's a small sandwich bar close by called the Gallery, I think. Unfortunately, both cafes were closed, either due to the time, 5pm, or the fact that they're both shut on Saturday.

The sandwich bar looks interesting, a single storey building sandwiched (pun intended) between two larger buildings.

Any chance of a photoshoot of this place ?

russell davies

yes, I'd love to do this place. It has a very determined nautical theme. I'm slightly too intimidated to use my camera though, because it's so small. I'll try a few more visits first.


Love the way the 'Under new Management' sign is kept close to hand....just in case i presume.

Top stuff


So glad I found this page... went there on Saturday, so well over a year after the last post, and the place is still going strong. Got the 'set menu 2' and added extra bacon and sausage to end up with beans, 2 eggs, 2 sausages, 4 slabs of bacon, 3 slices of black pudding and 2 thick slices of toast. All washed down with two mugs of sweet milky tea.
It was fantastic... Only negative point would be the sausage, but then, since I don't live in the UK I always get specialist sausages from the butcher when I visit, so a slightly unfair comparason.

It had been years since I was last in a greesy spoon, and it was all I remembered to to be :D


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