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I really enjoy looking at this site during my luch break - eating food & looking at food at the same time - that probably makes me a particular kind of person - maybe the kind that would notice that The Sheperdess is in City Road EC1 according to the menu (in the photo) but Sheperdess Walk N1 according to the heading...

please keep posting these - you have at least one fan


Glad you like the blog, and thanks for the message. On the postcode...er. I dunno. It's this kind of attention to detail that makes for a great blog. I'll fix it.


The Sheperdess is indeed a great caff and it's on teh corner of city Road and Sheperdess Walk - probably on teh postcode boundary.
Excellent blog by the way. You might want to try The Workers Cafe on Kingsland Rd E8 - just up the road from the rio Cinema.


you must and i repeat must have a fry up at
"The Barbican Grill" it is located up whitecross street which is a 3 minute walk from the main entrance of the Barbican centre. it boasts an amazing atmosphere with dedicated staff ensuring a fantastic grill.i have never had a fry up in such a authentic greasy spoon. a must for all the family


Jack's right.

The Barbican Grill is convenient for caff-loving, culture-vulture pseuds - I should know, being one myself.

It got a good photo spread in "London Caffs". It's open on Saturdays till about 11-11.30am. The decor's seen better days, but it's well worth a look.

Whitecross St. has quite a good number of cafes worth checking out.


Well, what can I say about The Sheperdess. It's a perfect combination of atmosphere, great food and tea, and aspecialy nice waitresses :) .


I used to live on Shepherdess Walk! I like the quaint exterior of The Shepherdess :)


yeah - sheperdess looks great- all i would say its a bit more pricey than it should be.


Well, I'm from Oregon, USA, and I ran across your blog looking up the lyrics for a song I used to sing at camp (1950s!), called Walk Shepherdess Walk (one of my favorite camp songs - beautiful!). While reading, I came across the term "Fry-up" - does this mean just what it sounds like - fried food? I'm finding your blog fun to read, and the cafes mentioned sound absolutely scrumptious! I've never been "across the pond," but that IS on my "to-do" list - after the fjords, that is! Thanks for the fun!

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