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Curious: but my maiden name is Pellicci, where does your family come from? Been searching family tree info for years.


Ah, a class place. Next time you're in there, preferably at a lunchtime, ask if you can have a glass of 'Italian Ribena'. Just the stuff to pep you up before a hard afternoon's work.


I had the best Saturday morning after I discovered this site! Unfortunately, it has made me very hungry and I'm in America so fry-ups are hard to come by. Pity.
When I make it back to London this summer, I'll be sure to visit E. Pellicci.
Have you reviewed any other East End caffs?


Great cafe for a trditional dinner too.
Homemade steak pie with cabbage, carrots and roast potatoes goes down a treat.

Greg Ogarrio

Last June, I made my first pilgrimmage to E. Pellicci in Bethnal Green, after having journeyed on the Central Line to visit the fine Underground architecture at nearby Gants Hill (yes, there's a bit of Anorak blood in my veins). Anyway, impressed by the ambience and good nature of the EP staff (they seemed to know every single person who came in), I couldn't help but compliment the young lad in charge, who, as it turned out, was the son of the owner. "Oh, was that the old gentleman I saw leaving a few minutes ago?" I asked him. "Please don't call him old," the son quickly admonished me. "He's only 78!" I immediately apologised and thanked him and his family for the fine food and service.

I am so glad this place has been accorded a Grade II listing, a really marvelous thing.


My cousins names are Derek and John Pellicci and their parents names were Jess and Arthur Pellicci and they had originated from England and now live in Australia. If any of your relatives came from England then please let me know sometime.


You should check out JJ's in Bethnal Green. It's a bit more modern. The food is absolutely excellent. Huge portions and really cheap.

Its on Roman Road near the Natwest Bank.


Decided to go here a few weeks back after ready www.classiccafes and had to queue to get in at 1pm on a saturday. Certainly poplular! My egg and chips were perfect and I ended up being stuck in the corner surrounded by 3 italian girls that knew the son so I had a chat with them for 2 hrs plus a few more teas until it closed. I'll be there at least one Sat a month for sure! Loved the place.


It is


not bethnall


Oops. Sorry. Will amend.

Bruno Bragoli

My father's sister Maine was married to Ulisse Pellicci who had a cafe in Brick Lane, Bethnal Green in 1940's and 50's. He had two daughters Betty and Dina from his first marriage. He came from Lucca in Tuscany. He was a Cav. appointed by Italy. He reputed had arrested Mussolini in the 20's or 30's.


Nice site. Thanks.

Bit surprised you made no reference in your write-up to that bearded chap in the last-but-one photo. He seems to be enjoying his fry-up so much that he is trying to save time by ramming it in with his fork AND his knife.

They could have offered him a shovel.

Bobby Sinfield

Hi, about 200 yards from Pelliccis is a Primary school Called THE LAWRENCE and ever day me and my pals used to skip School dinners and go over to Eddies, Double Egg chips and beans,cup of tea and a slice of bread.Five days a week.At the time we were ten years old and not only was the food quality but the guys in there treated us like adults not kids .FANTASTIC PEOPLE PS im 60 now and that picture of egg chips and beans looks PERFECT

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