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Tony Malcolm

Love this site Russell. Well done on the award. Keep up the good work in preserving these temples of good taste and fine cuisine. You should follow it up with goodruby.com the definitive guide to genuine flock wallpapered curry houses of Britain.

All the best,


Steve Henson

I know of a fantastic cafe although it is a little pricey and not very well located for the road. It is the Brunel centre in Bletchley next to Sainsburys. They do some of the best chips I have ever had and my ex wife's dad used to run a chippy so I know a good chip when I eat one.

Geting nack to the cafe. It is called Greenways and ia a proper cafe in the centre of town. The big sainsburys has a big car park right next door.

Also can you tell if I can get hold of a copy of the truckers guide to cafe's and if so where from.

Thanks, Steve


Thanks for the tip. I'll try and check it out.

I got the truckers guide from the Hatton Salt Box. I'll dig it out when I'm next in the car and get you some contact details. It's a marvelous read.


Nice site.

I think I will be having egg beans chips and bacon for lunch today. Possibly at the Euro Cafe, Drummond street, London NW1. Where even the proprietor is greasy. My top cafe recommendation though is the the Mess Cafe, Amhurst Road, Hackney E9. It isn't even slightly greasy. Its like a gourmet breaky world that almost convinces you that their very large "mess breakfast" is a healthy option. Though there are a lot of healthy options on the menu for the girls. Last saturday there was 7 of us sat round a big table together. I'll send you some pics for your site if you like?

keep on eatin.



pics would be great. yes please.


Russell -
Sorry to have missed you in the 10k.
Agree with you re Remo. Next time you're in Manchester - check out the Asda Superstore breakfast. And only a very short walk to the Velodrome or City Of Manchester stadium when you're done.


starving now ...I'm off to Olives Caff in Hornsey high st. marvellous food ,just marvellous,if youre ever over this way you must visit.
keep up the good work


rod, brian

thanks. brilliant. will do.


Love the website. Keep up the good work.
Just back from Speedy's Cafe on North Gower Street, NW1. Can thoroughly recommend it. You can normally see your reflection in the burgers there is so much grease (admittedly, today's was a bit disappointing) and the ketchup just slides off. Just what the doctor ordered after a night out!

dizz davidson

Our family recommends Tasty's Cafe in the High Road at Finchley Central. Prices very reasonable, service really friendly and efficient and menu combinations are all well above average and well worth a visit all day long.


Miss a deceant chipper in the Apple.
What's "Adam and Eve on a Raft"?
A couple fried eggs on toast.
And "Burn One"?
A burger.
A cuppa joe?
but you knew that
Dan O'D in Midtown

Will Harris

You have to check out the Fantasia Cafe on Clapham Northside. It's the best cafe in the whole world.

On a Saturday or Sunday morning you have to queue quite often for half and hour or more to get a table, it's that popular. And all this while there's a Starbucks sitting empty three doors down!

As well as being wonderful, the food is gorgeous and it's cheap as you like.

Go and find it and let us have your verdicts!


Hi Russell, Really like the site, but it could do with a memorable URL - I've spent ages looking for it after the Metro newspaper wrongly published the URL as www.eggbaconsausagechipsandbeans.com


Love your site. What a great idea, and usefull as well, especially as I am a regular visitor to London. (N Ireland)
Can I recommend "Diana Cafe". It's in Leytonstone, on Leytonstone Rd, opposite "The Walnut" pub, towards the Green Man Roundbout. Decor not fantastic, but the food is excellent, well priced, and the owners are extremely friendly.

Matt Probert

An important site. We must not allow either the British cup of tae or the cafe to disappear into a blizzard of "espresso" bars and deli sandwich bars.

Well done, and thanks for supporting a truly marvelous British institution.

Matt Probert
The Probert Encyclopaedia

joey bacon

If you dont know about it already you need to get yourself to cafe Calcio on Crwys road in Cardiff. It is one of the finest fry up establishments Ive ever had the pleasure of scoffing in, and I've done my fair share let me tell you! it's cheap and tasty, everything is always cooked perfectly and its always consistent.
Get yourself there as soon as possible and if you can handle it order the "legendary Calcio fat bastard" you will NOT be dissapointed!

joey bacon

Another cafe that rocks is the Brittania cafe on Filton avenue, Bristol, opposite Filton college. This fine palace of greasy meat and super strength builders tea kept my veins coursing with greasy goodness for about three years when I was studying photography across the road. Its a proper truckers cafe with a HGV size lay-by outside, theres a huge truck depot over the road so it's always full of weary long distance truckers re-fuelling. The food is dirt cheap and glistening with lardy loveliness. Check it out anytime you're in or even near Bristol!


thanks for all the tips folks. I'm going to busy all year checking this stuff out.

Carl from Devon

Hey I checked out the Dolphin Aberystwyth and top marks to you as the Egg,Bacon, chips n Beans were absolutely tops. Good friendly staff, clean, efficient and great cuppa. I went back next day to try their Fish & Chips and it was fantastic best I've had in a long time. so to all out there if you are visiting wales check this 'plaice' out. carl

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