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I have read all of these comments with a smile on my face, and occasionally breaking into a full-on laugh!
To those complaining I would say - hold on, no I won't or the comment will never get posted - on second thoughts I would say that I have been many times "man and boy" and have never been on the receiving end of anything unpleasant. Therefore I would suggest that your attitude (and your posts imply that you are self-righteous, demanding imbeciles who demand respect whilst offering none) has had it's just return. It's down to idiots like yourselves that a "HOT apple pie" must state on the packaging that it may, actually BE hot.
May favourite quotes are (in no particular order):
"If some of you out there want 'Have a nice day now' service then stick to Starbucks." - I genuinely couldn't agree more, and would go so far as to say if you've ever been to Starbucks, don't bother going to Grindleford!
"you really earn your slap up, bad for you, and definitely artery clogging food (but isn't that the point of caffs??!)" - too true, and don't forget we're not going to eat this and go back to our desks, it'll all be walked off by tea-time.
"if they so much as breathe he is likely to shout at them." - the only kind of parents I've ever heard make this kind of comment are those to whom everyone else's kids should be seen and not heard, and their own could set fire to the place and it just be "playfulness".
"We are never rude to customers unless they are rude to us" - Anywhere that has that attitude as customer service is nearing perfection.
And finally, of course:
"The joy of the Grindleford cafe is that the people who dislike it are exactly the kind of pains-in-the-arse you wouldn't want to share space with." - I hope that when I get chance to return I find that the Cafe has that as it's new motto - preferably above the door ...

David Jones

After a long walk down the Burbage Brook with our grand-daughter and her mum and dad this place absolutely filled the bill and the tum!! From a 4 year old to a 65 year old grandad the food and atmos really hit the mark. We noticed that the chips were so good that the kitchen staff couldn't resist a few each time they emptied the pan. Loved the notices especially the one about nut allergies. Only disappointed that they'd run out of gingerbread and custard by the time we got there - but it was a Bank Holiday nd the place was throbbing. We'll be back

Ed and Jen

Having just been on a walk to and from Grindleford cafe, I have to say that we were put off to start with by the signs, and nearly didn't go in. I'm glad to say that we plucked up enough courage to go in and have a mug of hot chocolate. My view, like others before me, is that if you're offended by the signs, go to McDonalds or some other bland and anonymous chain. Yes, I got barked at by someone for trying to get a can of coke out of the fridge, but think of Fawlty Towers...

My favourite quote from the signs is:

"We only make one customer happy per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow never comes. Deal with it."

Priceless, and we will go back. I hope it hasn't changed when we do.

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