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You can get a copy of the trucker's guide from http://www.truckdriversguide.co.uk

Lee H

How dare you.....just seen a picture of the green truckers guide....do my eyes decieve me, is that a ribena drink with your food, and not a cup of tea?
Im astonished....its worse than treason is that.....

fat fish

fantastic brekker

did the double glazing salesman retire when he found this place

Marcus Fletcher

The Salt Box Cafe is near where I live . . well a few miles anyway...
I've never ACTUALLY been there, but it is legendary . . Its been a while since I had a fry . .
Damn diabetes !! . . .

Steve Brown

Not a trucker just a joe bloggs.
We travel down from Northwich, Cheshire several times a year just to have the "big Breakfast"
It's as good now as when we found it all those years ago.

Alex Cundy

great site - something which I'm pretty sure is true is that one of the blokes out of Showaddywaddy owned the Saltbox. Maybe someone can confirm (or deny that). I don't think it was Romeo Challenger - the drummer, but one of the others.

Neil Deaville

I think the Showaddywaddy connection was with the Silver Wheel cafe which was further down the old A50 towards Derby, in Etwall. We're off to the Salt Box for breakfast tomorrow.

a  gaunt

the saltbox was started by les botham and was a old shack over the road next to the pub on uttoxeter rd


appalling access for disabled people,been in 3 times and last time i asked why they didnt have clearly identified disabled bays. i was told they didnt need them because the land was private. must say though food was bang on but staff watched me struggle when i had to collect my own food and drink. i dont ask for much out of life just whats right


No, the guy from Showaddywady owned the Silver Wheel cafe just down the road in Hilton

It's now been knocked down. I used to live next door to it

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