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Peter B.

Sadly the Great Welsh Cafes link leads me to

the wrong Gate(s). :-)

Broken link me thinks.


I just had a look at this. It seems to work now. Or am I missing a joke? I do that a lot.

Jo Lacy

there is a fantastic cafe in Plymouth called the Gorge. Not only does it do a full and good-quality range of fry-ups, but the whole interior is fashioned out of bright orange bumps of plaster to look like a cavern.
It really is worth a visit if you are in the area. If anyone could post a photo on the site you would appreciate its unique charm.

kevin barrett

Best Cafe in Wales ?
Try it


Well if you had gone to P.J's Transport Cafe, Sudbury, Staffs....you could of watched it on sky ;)

Fab site btw.....

carol wenden

There is a great greasy spoon next to my office...called Eats Cafe.
It's hard to find it's in Launceston Cornwall, Newport Industrial Estate, not to be cofused by the Cafe in the pub. Cafes in pubs, no no no.

When you do find it you will meet Tasha and Dan who serve the Best Breakfast in Cornwall!and a good cup of tea or coffee.

Dyaln Williams

If your ever in swansea - and you should really come at some point. There is an excellent diner in the uplands. It is called Uplands Diner and serves some of the best breakfasts in the worlds. It is the home of the beast, served on a tray with pounds of meat, chips, beans, mushrooms, etc. Really worth a visit just to see a silly student try and beat the beast. Very rarely done.

Tony Mills

Arguably, there's a great greasy spoon on the A470 (Cemmaes, Montgomeyshire, Mid wales) called Dot's Diner.
Fill your boots every wednesday with Roast Dinner with free pudding!
Its even has nice flora arrangements outside. It won't come back to haunt you - I'm tellin' you!

Sam Easterbrook

Great Welsh cafes with no mention of the big 'diff's hidden treasure! Why the Bullterrier cafe upstairs in the market serves up good honest grub and the tea can come in a variety of different mugs, always a good sign in my eyes.

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