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Dena, Toronto

Hey thanks for this site. You're doing something of a public service for people such as myself, born in the U.K., lover of a fry-up, but living on another continent now... Makes me very nostalgic when I see the close up pictures... If only these breakfasts could somehow be teleported and magically materialize out of your PC monitor... That would be progress!



I was delighted to open up The Standard this afternoon, and see your site in the article on page 16 !!! Fantastic, you deserve to win. Hopefully, you'll start getting a lot more posts.

Good suggestion about meeting up.

I realise that I've been negligent in getting back to you with constructive comments. I've jotted down some ideas in a haphazard way. I've been somewhat sidetracked by my pilgrimage through Adrian Maddox's Classic Cafes gazetteer, about 129 cafes visited so far. I've sent updates and recommendations of possible additions to Adrian, where necessary.

I began to suffer from Formica fatigue before Xmas, so I thought I'd take a break.

I think your site is on the right track, by focusing on good independent cafes, rather than just the places with a 50s and 60s feel.

By the way, I was in the New Piccadilly on 27th December, showing my Northern-based brother the holy grail of classic cafes. Lorenzo told me that he's expecting a rent review in March, and that if it's too high, the place may have to close sooner than anticipated. I suggest that all afficionados get as many visits in as possible over the next couple of months, and tell as many people as possible to do likewise.

On a more positive note, if you're visiting museums in South Ken, try Cafe Floris in Harrington Road, near the tube. It's the closest you'll get to a caff in the area, a good variety of reasonably priced food, toilets ( always a plus - shocking how many caffs don't bother), and decent staff. Clientele are a mix of tourists and regulars.


Try this one
Red Lodge Cafe
Turnpike Road
Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP28 8LB
Tel: (01638 750529)
They sell refried spuds with brekky FANTASTIC

Daniel Wiles

This is my first visit to this site, prompted by the article in Metro this morning.
I can't find any reference to my favourite place, Cafe Bruno on the corner of Peter St and Wardour St in Soho. The helpings are huge and excellent, but it is madly busy at lunchtime and the seating capacity appears limited when you stick your head round the door. However about a month ago they converted their cellar to extra seating (not many people know that) so don't be put off if the ground floor looks full.

Nathan Tough

wow !
i have only just discovered this haven but it's already convincing me that I do not get out enough. Back home, near to Great Yarmouth, there are a whole host of classic 'cafes' including some great ones near the seafront but it is sad that they are slowly disappearing. It's seems every time I return another has gone. The names entertain me the most, 'The Sunshine Snack Bar' being a drop in the ocean. Total respect for your cause. Thanks very much for the inspiration. Do you need an East coast reporter ?


thanks Nathan,

An East Coast correspondent would be brilliant. All the interest from the Yahoo thing has made me think this should become more of a community site. So if anyone has any pictures then just send them in and I'll get them up. You have to order egg, bacon, chips and beans though.


Hello Daniel,

Thanks for the reminder on Bruno. I've put it on my other page, here - http://russelldavies.typepad.com/ateaandathink/2003/12/bar_bruno_wardo.html. But I've not done the full ebcb yet. I'll do it soon. It is indeed a magnificent place.


What a fab site! We have just managed to pass a good 15 minutes in the office on a friday afternoon having a look round your site! We are all dying for some becb now! Good luck!


Great Site. I opened The Cafe Experience a year ago on an industrial estate in Essex. As you can guess I share your passion for the great british eateries. Alas I have not been able to incorporate chips onto our menu yet due to insurance red tape, but I'm working on it. Also we only have a breakfast bar and outside seating at the moment as our customers in the early days just wanted the take away sandwich stuff so I'm not putting ourselves forward for as a place for such officinados to visit just yet. We are looking to put in more seating so do watch out for us if you are passing through Chelmsford but remember we are still in our infancy and have a long way to go before we achieve the standards you hold so highly.

I would certainly be up for that meeting in February let me know if you can pu it together.

Steve Hill

Wow - what a site to share my cholesterol with, thanks to a friend who posted it to me! As a Yorkshireman occasionally coming south, I do recommend Euston Road Snack Bar near Gt Portland St Tube - unfailingly polite service and good grub; and Fryer's Fare, within the covered market in Preston, Lancs - double egg on toast with beans (my away from home comfort food) is lovely.
I'll be back!


thanks Steve, I keep meaning to get to the Euston Snack Bar, it's not far from work. It's definitely on the list now.


chris - next time I'm in Chelmsford...I'll be there.

tahlee johnson

Im really appreciate of your site, and like most others who have posted in am an enthusiast of the gradually disappearing traditional London Cafe/ Greasy Spoon.
Id just like to add, however, that a few of my friends and I have noticed that there is a fairly distinct lack of reviews for South London Caf's both in any published literature or any reviews. I feel this is something that really needs adressing, as there are some superb South London Caf's that are institutions in their own right, so I hope to be able to recommend a couple, and also hear of some others that people think are worth investigating. Cafe on the HIll on Brixton Hill does an overly generous full English breakfast, ( the works plus black pudding buttered bread etc.) with big mugs of tea and the unique offer of a thai menu that runs alongside the usual breakfast/lunch menu. the decor isnt period perfect, but it does have vinyl clad booths and formica tables, and super friendly service. Its definitely one of my favourites. Also East Street Market has a great greasy spoon, (East Street Market Cafe?) and there is one on Claphan High St I spotted but I need to report back on, as from what I could see its got great decor and a really traditional menu. I am also surprised at the lack of reviews anywhere for the Market Cafe on Whitecross St Market EC1.
This place has full fantastic wood panelling and 1960's framed Juventus football pics on the walls, not to mention a selection of traditional roasts and breakfasts always on offer, and very friendly proprietors. Definitely worth a look in.


Excellent point. I'm going to get South of the river as soon as I can.


I read about your site in Metro. Nice one! Talking of sarf london 'spoons, I think Steve's Cafe in Herne Hill (Norwood Rd) is worth a mention. It's just undergone an extension and refurbishment, but the quality of the grub has not suffered. Amid all the news on the demise of greasy spoon's, I think Steve's is a beacon of hope! I don't know if the Unthank Kitchen in Norwich has been recommended either, so if not, now it has!


I'm up for a fry-up come February! Count me in.


Does anyone remember Georges Cafe in Columbia Road Bethnal Green? George and Maria gave it up a few years ago and I was wondering if anyone knows if it is still a cafe or has it been changed into a posh coffee bar now?


hello, love your site, i have lived in london for a year, that is almost 10 years ago now but i still miss the english caf'and whenever i am over i try to visit them as much as possible (luckily i haven't got a weight problem) so your list is very usefull to me. I was a student at central saint martins college of art and design when i was living in london and we always went to 'diana's diner' which is on your list too.
i will be in london in april and with your site i'm well prepared!
I am dutch, no beans, no sausages, no decent bacon or cup of tea, only chips...


Why don't you add an extra item to your excellent reviews? Distance from seat back to table edge. Nearly all these caffs have the seats bolted down. Fat geezers like me need to know if we'll be able to sit down!


You should really try the Golden Fish on Farringdon Rd one of these days. Great fish and chips and excellent booths. Perfect for a summer's day!

Chris Abbot

If you are looking for a great caff then try Arthurs on Kingsland Road an institution for over fifty years. Run by the indomnitable Arthur who took over the caff from his father and also has his grandson James working behind the jump. Sausages are delicious! Chips unbeatable! Chops fantastic! and the tea superb. Great British cooking that reminds me of my nan's. Arthur's grouchy temperament only goes to enchance the place as one of London's last working class eating rooms. As Arthur would say 'Little gravy, lotta gravy?'


Excellent, thanks Chris. Another one to put on the list.

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