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I couldn't agree more. Its a favourite of mine and love the way that it seems to have slipped through the net. The staff are friendly and the food of humungous proportions.


I linked here from the Guardian site - good luck for the award, btw - and right at the top of the list is the only cafe I ever go to in London, normally when I'm waiting for a meeting round the corner. I love this place, I love the vegetarian special ciabatta (with crisps on the side of the plate), I love the seats outside for the "I am posing, honest I am" look, and I love the waitresses who call you "bello".


thanks Kenny. And many thanks for the link.


This is a great site, i found it while reading METRO, I will have to try this place out tonight Mmmm..


Bar remo sells radio active jacket spuds, best I have ever had, and their spegetti carbonara is humongous enough for two, and fantastic


To be honest, I like a sausage with my egg, bacon, beans and chips.

No mushrooms


Loving this website.

Feel that i must give a mention to Mr Giles' in Coventry City Centre though. The "Belly Buster" has to be seen to be believed. As well as the obligatory ebcb (2 of each - well not beans of course) you also get mushrooms, tomato, black pudding, sausage, fried bread AND a BURGER!!! Add 2 slices of toast and a lovely cuppa into the mix and you've got the full monty. All for a fiver!

Hmmm... no Hash Browns...


Your site brilliant - now I can find a greasy spoon caff anytime - I briefly saw a new caff in the Strand [severl weeks ago] cannot remember name but they do all day fry-ups from about £2.50 - it is somewhere opposite the Savoy [but not exactly] in the north side - sorry I did not take more notice. My best pals mother died on 28th Dec 2004 - she ate fry-ups and was only 89 when all the grease finally killed her off - the poor darling. Rgds Clive


Is there an RSS feed for the site? I would love to see it on LiveJournal!


Loved the American diner next to Fabric in Smithsfields E London on St Johns Street called Tinseltown. Probably the best EBCB with fried bread I've had in years! Not stictly a caff I know, but ohhh that fried bread.


thanks for all the tips folks. I'll look into an RSS feed.


if youre ever over in N8....its got to be Olives in hornsey high st.you wont go wrong..in fact I'm off there now,food is fantastic and so cheap,you even get the odd crouch end (out of work... actorrrrrs)out on a cheapie.marvellous just marvellous.


A meeting sounds like a fab idea :-) Any chance of it being on a weekend or at least a Friday night as I'm in Brighton!


Bar Remo is a brilliant cafe/restaurant, which until last Saturday, I'd never visited. I've been totally unaware of its existence, till checking out this site. Like the nearby Lido in Great Castle St, it's exactly the sort of place that anyone with any savvy should be using. I think it's open 7am-6pm weekdays, and 10am-6pm on Saturdays.

I can recommend the fry-up breakfast, good value for about £4.50.


Bar remo is a must for any apple mac fan - as its just round the corner, the food is always good value - nothing better than a breakfast before hotting the apple shop for some retail therapy.

Robin Hart

I came upon this site after listening to radio 5 live 13/6/2006.Subject chips for breakfast.Now we up north do have chips for breakfast and I wonder if it is a London thing.I lived in Earls Court in 1969 while working for Shell Int on warterloo Road.On the Weekends I often ate out.Full breakfast with chips,would love to come back

david fogarty

Thanks for recommending Bar Remo. It's a wonderful little place and I will certainly be scoffing here again here in the future. I managed to bag a table under the publicity photos of the Shads circa 1989 and some beetle-browed actress who used to be in a crappy LWT comedy about newly weds with Nicholas 'Plonker'Lyndhurst. You maybe interested to know I bought a dvd the other day called 'Look at Life - Swinging London. It's 16 colour films made in the 1960s by the Rank Organisation that were shown every week in Odeon Cinemas. Amongst the usual let's have an avuncular chortle at the crazy Carnaby Street fab gear and baldy blokes and their beehived barneted wives dining out in the revolving restaurant at the top of the Post Office Tower, there is also a fasinating 12 minute short from the early 60s (?) looking at the coffee bar scene in Soho, featuring the 2 I's and Heaven and Hell etc.


Very glad you enjoyed it. It is marvelous. I plan to be back there on Monday.

I'm very excited about that DVD. I shall rush out to HMV.


david fogarty

Oh and let me know if you have any get togethers re Greasy Spoons



if u want a real gd english brekky u need to come up north because u dont get chips with a proper one p.s wheres the black pudding? try kens cabin in hebden bridge


Just been to Bar Remo - what a great place. Much bigger on the inside than expected with lots of signed pictures of 'old' celebs. The Eggs Sausage Chips and Beans were excellent and large portions.They even sell alcohol if you fancy. Nice place to meet in West End,very good value and friendly staff.I will return


Hello there, does anyone know at what time Bar Remo opens on a Saturday? I will arrive in the area of Oxford Circus at around 9 a.m. and want to have a huge English breakfast before a days' shopping. Any recommendations v. welcome!


Remo is one of the best places to eat in London - not had their EBCB, but they salads are great... and so close to the apple problems

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