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You've absolutely got my vote at the Yahoo! thing. I can't believe I never came across you before, so to speak. All I need now is a chippy blog and a hedgerow forager blog and I'll be set. Will link you post haste.


Blimey! I used to here when i was a student! Thanks for the reminder! I will have to check it out again next time i am up that way. If you get chance there is a fantastic place in Battersea High Street that retains that faded 1960's glory..


At last a really useful website, thank you so much! Does amyone know of any fantastic greasy cafes in Enfield that I can visit on the weekends and in South East London while we're at it.



Are you talking about C. Notarianni's in Battersea High St.,with the fantastic old-style ice-cream parlour exterior ? If so, this is basically an Italian pizza restaurant. One of the sons was a pupil at my old school in Battersea.

There's quite a good old-style cafe just around the corner in York Road, which is one of those places that doubles up as a cheap Thai cafe


This website would be a million times better if the cafes were sorted by geographic areas or you could search by county or city. I live in Leeds and I'm finding very hard to find my local cafs.

Thaks, bye.



I'm looking for a decent cafe in the centre of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Any suggestions?

Have you seen this site...?



it's shite

Steve Hill

Euston Road Café - closing on June 24 2005!! When it's gone, it's gone!

I was sent the link to ebcb by a mate, and quickly put in a plug for the Euston Road Sandwich Bar.
Good News - I'm famous - the caff's on the site, and so is my name.

Bad News - I was there last weds 26 January, and the lovely Polish lady said the building had been sold and that the Café was closing on 24th June.

It's a dam' shame!

Steve Hill

Prawn Bolus


me and my best-friend mark went to the ESB last week and the good news is that the lease has been extended until Xmas 2005!!!!

The EBCB was and still is divine...


I walked past the ESB last Saturday morning. I know it's not open on Saturdays, but the interior had that definite look of still being open for business.

Can any ESB regulars let us know if it's still in business ?


This is a really bizarre coincidence... I was trying to find my friend's Typepad weblog and came across this site instead. And TODAY AT LUNCH I went to the Euston Sandwich Bar... I often go there. Anyway, looks like they're shutting down for real this time -- they asked me to sign a petition because they'll be shut down by end of November 2006 as the building's being redeveloped, but they haven't been offered any of the available space next door. If they move into the other space, a new-look Euston Sandwich Bar will emerge. Which is better than none at all. I urge supporters of the Euston Sandwich Bar to sign the petition and show your support! :)


Too late. Today was the last day of Euston Sandwich bar... :( A sad afternoon...

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