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Nice ebcb (despite absence of triangular egg, making me feel quite cheated!) but almost impossible to get a seat in this place in the evening. Eating a fry up in a window bar stool is a bit odd and unlike, say, the Fryer's Delight, trendy plastic media people glare at you in disbelief if you ask to share a booth. The people from the League of Gentlemen tried to come in while I was eating but they couldn't get a seat so went elsewhere.


.. whereas in the morning, it's PERFECT! So friendly and there aren't many places where "bacon" means half a packet of the stuff instead of 1 slice, 2 if you're lucky. I wish I'd tried this earlier as it's a proper neighbourhood cafe in my increasing bland neighbourhood. Also, I feel as if I need to come more often so that I qualify for a string of pretend (I think!) insults from Don Pasquale like all the other layabouts in there in the mornings! I get the impression that the Bloomsbury Restaurant (which is certainly good for a kebab and a milkshake) would have a similar atmos in the mornings - have you tried it?



I suppose you mean the Bloomsbury Restaurant in the Brunswick Centre, Russell Square ?

I was in the nearby Panini d'Oro cafe yesterday, which is due to close at the end of May. The Brunswick's due for a major refurbishment as "Bloomsbury's High St", which will mean the closure of most of the shops on the estate. I don't know when the Bloomsbury Restaurant will close, but I would've thought May/June is the likely date.


... just after typing that, I went for lunch at the Bloomsbury. I just had time for a cheeseburger and chips (not quite the shish kebabs I'd gone but for but it was all they had left) and then, at 4pm, it closed for ever. It was only my second visit, unfortunately. There were tears all round from other shopkeepers, regular and others coming in to say goodbye. So sad.

Jeff Belengazi

Love this joint, my favorite in all of London. Ate lunch there today and now sitting in the office with your Bruno sound file playing to recapture the ambience.

Has anyone else noticed that since they started opening later in the evening you'll get fat chips in the daytime but thin ones in the evening? Consistently... I questioned this one time but was told they'd run out of the fat variety... does that really happen on a daily basis??

Also love the basement 'lunchtime only' room that has completely different decor to the upstairs; I like to imagine it was until not long ago a knocking-shop dungeon.




This place must be the best cafe in London, and the fact that it's in the middle of Soho and still cheap and down-to-earth (though I wouldn't quite call it friendly - I've been going regularly for 10 years and they barely acknowledge me)is amazing. The best foccacia sandwiches as well as egg bacon and chips, too.


I love Bruno's, used to work round the corner and spend many lunchtimes troughing their excellent food; always friendly. I'm ravenous now!

Chris How

I too eat at Cafe Bruno on saterdays.
I was forced out of my usual cafe at the top end of Charing Cross Rd. (Battista's I think) when their lease was up. Now sadly refurbished.
Any idea where they have moved to?
It was a great Italian eatery.


has bar bruno's closed down?


It hadn't closed down when I was there for lunch today.


i am very pleased!we dont have anything quite like it in Belfast.Looking forward to bacon sandwich next visit. I enjoyed the recording by the way!


I used to work a few doors down from Bar Bruno for about 10 years. Greatest Cafe in London!
(Pasquali's dry sarcasm was legendary.)
The sound clip brings it all back.


i particlarly recommend the Pasta menu on the back wall.. nice to see a deent choice for vegetarians.. i have tagliatelle a funghi before i play a gig every tuesday.. have paid loads more for worse pasta in posh italian restaurants in the past..


Love this place, they do a stormin' espresso and a great artichoke toasted sandwich. The thing that used to weird me out was that he'd use the coffee machine for espressos and instant for plain black coffee. Am I right, it's probably been a year since I lived in London?

Chris How

Bruno has just retired. Happy retirement.
Original staff to remain ?
It looks like there is a refit in the pipeline.
Lets hope they retain some of the original charm.

James Garnham

Been there today. Top notch. First cigarette holder I've witnessed being sported in a cafe, ever, what a pleasent experience. Now listening to the wonderful sound file to rock me to sleep... Night connoisseurs...


I regularly pop in here for a fry up and tea/coffee. Greta food but not so friendly!


Fab place - worked as runner nearby for a while - go back when can. Always VERY friendly to me despite frequent changes of hair colour and cut. I think the secret to this might be 'being female' as it's ciao bella and franco dashing out to hug women at the drop of a paper napkin... Hope they never ever refurb! Ciao for now.

Lawrie Stiles

Brunos is massive - on every sense. Only been here a few times, but on each occasion i've been greeted with a smile and a tasty plate of food. Reasonably priced, comfy sits, original decor, and friendly staff. Exactly what a cafe should be like. A far cry from Starbucks and all that other rubbish!

Edward Chatham

I have been eating at Bruno whenever I have worked in the area on and off for 20 years and it is to me one of the very best - and friendliest - in London.The staff never seem to change as when one steely haired Italian retires another emerges to fill his place, like Roman Legionaires marching on the battlefield.
I've never had better ( or more) bacon in an ebcb, and all the other food is delicious. For liver fans the liver, bacon and chips with onion gravy is worth a trip across London.
Just don't expect to sit alone in a 4 seater booth, linger all lunchtime over a cup of tea, or take too long to order...busy busy busy!

Pussycat DUDE

IM back in MTL since the last 6 month and I really miss my daily breakfast there. Its a really good place to have your 1st contact with with life in the morning. God I miss their bacon

Gary Hampton

I've been in Bar Bruno's only a couple of times, and have made a bit of a rediscovery of since the close of the New Piccadilly on Denman St. Bruno's is great for bacon and eggs, but I'm a past lover, and their pasta, as some commentators have mentioned, is far better than that served in "upmarket" Italian restaurants. Try either the tagliatelle or tortellini in carbonara sauce - you won't need to see Naples to die for !

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