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The best Caff in London is:

Marie's Cafe in the Cut in Waterloo



Have you e-mailed the attendees of the last meeting about the details of the next one. This is just in case they haven't checked the site. Let me know if you want me to do it.

It might also be useful to outline the ideas/suggestions you sent me in your e-mail of last week.

Let me know if you want me to do it.

Happy Easter,



Fantastic blog. I absolutly love it. I've recently began taking pictures of my breakfasts here in Ottawa (Canada) for my blog. This morning while watching telly I saw a link to this blog and was amazed! While I may not go into as much detail as your breakfast adventures, a picture is worth a thousand words ;) I'm hungry.



What's the latest on the New Piccadilly Cafe? I was there for the first time a few weeks ago, and now I hear it is closing? That would be a dreadful shame! I am working on a photographic project, documenting all these cafes. If anyone is interested, drop me a mail - ta!


brilliant blog.. truly excellent.



The New Piccadilly will probably be closing in the not too distant future, due to a hefty rent hike. I'll try to find out the date of closure, and post it on this site.

If you want to take photos, I'd suggest you do it asap. By the way, if you took a set of the New Piccadilly ( colour preferably), there could be a few interested buyers - myself included.


Greetings from Ontario,Canada! Just heard about your marvellous website while watching BBC and had to check it out.I went to school in Birmingham and almost every weekend my mother and I would go "cafe hunting" Do you ever travel to the Midlands? Despite choosing to return to Canada,a piece of my heart will forever remain in 'Brum! Thanks!


I have been so bad and the best I can do is the cafe I frequent as often as I can. Its the Cafe St Germain in Crystal Palace. See you all at the next meet.


I will turn up to the meeting if I can make it - so far the diary's looking clear. I will bring along my camera gear to take photographs of the interior for posterity's sake. See you all there, hopefully.


Jin, I love the dreaming in monochrome section on your website. See you on the 8th.



Please could you send your e-mail address to me on [email protected]

I'm having problems contacting you with more details about the meeting on April 8th.



Patsy Parker

I hope to be there on the 8th. I love the website & find it very poignant. Patsy

Patsy Parker

I hope to be there on the 8th. I love the website & find it very poignant. Patsy


Patrick, if the yahoo addy I sent fails try [email protected]


Oustanding fry-ups to be had at the Chandos Sandwich Bar, Chandos Place WC2. The quality is matched only by the scale...worth a visit.


Is the meeting still on at New Piccadilly for 18:30 ?


Greg Ogarrio

Well, is the New Piccadilly still in business? I'm heading to London next week and hope to be able to visit this institution for the first time.


well, Patrick's probably the man who knows most. But last I heard (last week) it was still open. Patrick - any more ideas?


Greg, Russell,

For the update on the New Piccadilly, please see my latest comments on the New Picc post.


Please can you put me on your mailing list?

Cafe Racer

Northcote Cafe also Known as Tonys 74 Northcote Rd;
STANDARD PRICES ,FREINDLY BANTER,where the upper middle classes sit down with builders e.t.c ,also al fresco on a nice day!

ELECTRIC CAFE opposite West Norwood Fire Station,Norwood Rd SE27 could /should? be an entry for Classic Cafes, bit of a deadbeat vibe but cant beat those prices,it is the real deal and yes they are powerd by Electricity!


Thanks for those suggestions. Very kind. Got to get South of the river more. We used to go to Northcote Road hundreds of years ago. Be good to go back.


Have you tried the Italia Cafe, Great Horton Road, Bradford. That's 30 years old now, and still great.


No. Many thanks for the tip. I'll try and check it out.

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