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Russell, Where is this in Blackheath? I did a streetmap search and it drew a blank. This cafe is not that far from me. Thanks for the item. Sean


Panic over, I've found it. Somewhere near Shooters Hill. Cheers. Sean


My favourite breakfast in the whole of the UK is at Royal Teas on Royal Hill in greenwich, not far from Blackheath. They don't sell meat though so it's not your classic English breakfast. I am very fond of their Americn Breakfast which is a greasy, oily plate of tortilla with mushed up beans, melted cheese, perfect fried egg, tomato salsa and fried potatoes. Now I actually live in America, funnily enough I've never found anything like it.


I was here one Saturday in early March. If you don't live in S.E. London, it's fairly off the beaten track, but worth making the effort to visit (like L. Rodi near Blackhorse Lane). Being Blackheath, I was surprised it wasn't the site of something twee, like a rocking-horse shop.

The staff were friendly, but some of the customers less so. A couple of builders passed their time winding up one of the old-timers, who they both seemed to know. On his way out, the OAP responded with a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse - much to their amusement.

The pensioner, apparently called Bill, couldn't have been a day less than 80. His tormentors remarked approvingly that ... "he must have been a right hard b******d in his day" !!!


People may be having problems locating the place as the road name is spelt wrong - should be Vanbrugh (the R before the U).

Thanks for the recommendation - I look forward to trying it out.


South East London, Lewisham, next to the DLR a MUST VISIT 'Maggie's Cafe'great atmosphere great food. When it is busy you may have to wait for a seat eventhough they have opened a new section in recent years! Top cafe.


Hands down the best caff in the world. Not open on Sundays, mind. Good Sicilian stock, you see.


this is my local!!! i love this place to bits. did you see the small scottish woman? she's so lovely :) fantastic review.


Tough call between Maggies (Kimmykool 3/4/06) and Gambardella. Have spotted Jools Holland here as it's his local too!
We love both places but Maggie's might win for sheer volume of food you can order (make your own combo from a list of 16 items!) + endless tea/coffee & toast for £4.95

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