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just surfed in

enjoy the pics. didn't think there to be so many variations of eggs bacon chips and beans-you can tell all those plates apart like they each have personality. by the way is there such a thing as a heart attack in britain.


Would it be fair to say that the chips suffer (or enjoy) the greatest variation?

Another Surfer :)


By the looks of that plate, the beans are gonna push for a wind breaking record!


This place is a No1 stop. Great food and fast service to help the communter prepare for the day. Wouldn't miss my stop in the mornings for tea & toast. Keeps the stress levels down for the rest of the day. Spare yourself 10 minutes to try it, you won't regret it!


What a great place great food and speedy. Nice guy always welcomes his customers with a friendly smile and chat. Just my cup of tea, eggs, bacon, beans etc etc


Gino's is great - friedly welcome, and they always remember your favourite order.



i used to get a lovely egg & bacon roll from this place every morning, waiting for my first job as bike courier. great place, you're right about the speed and weird colours, loved it.

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