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Hi Russell,

I've been savouring your reviews for some time now. I'm a transplanted Advertising Brit in the Colonies, with a similar lust for ebcb, and they don't do breakfasts here (Toronto)like they do in the UK.

Each phrase you utter helps me fill the void till I get back to Blighty again!

Keep up the excellent work!


Alison McQuade

Hi - i've enjoyed reading your blog and can't wait to get back to glasgow for a good scottish breafast. i'm coming out that way May 12 - any suggestions for eating out - i'm looking for something off the beaten path!

I'll continue enjoying your blog - thank you!

Russell Allen

Horribly homesick now after seeing these glorious photos. I am definitely linking to this blog so the world can see true class.

james evans, jaconellis glasgow

Hi Russell,
James here from Cafe d`Jaconelli Glasgow enjoyed the book.
would just like to add some interesting facts about this shop called Jaconelli`s.
Billy Connolley was a regular here as mentioned in his biograohy by Pamela Stevenson.
When i mentioned this to the x owner Mario Jaconelli he said"that Billy connoley was trouble i was always throwing him out".
Robert Carlyle was a regular here,he just stayed over the road when he lived in Maryhill
Ewan Mcgregor has also visited here and anjoyed our wonderful ice-cream.
Marsia Hunt(Mick Jagger`s X) has visited here.
We have been established since 1924.
Our ice cream which we enter in to the uk national ice cream competition also regularly wins awards.Ijust feel that the world should know about the great place.
thanks james.
This year the BBC are filming Children In Need from my Cafe.


Hello james,

I'm glad you liked the book. I have to admit I was slightly nervous about people's reactions. Dont' know why. I've only said nice things. But still, I'm very glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for all the extra info. Just more reasons for me to come back and visit some time soon.

It's a fabulous place.




Nice to see a cafe north of the border on here - there are plenty more around Scotland if you have time to explore them!

Love the site.

moira boyle

Did this once belong to ajacki melrose about 50 years ago?

Moira Boyle (nee Mackenzie)

Researching family tree.

Does anyone there have a connection to Jackie Melrose born about 1910/20.

I believe he married into the Jaconelli family.

Thanks Moira

george irvine

I was born in Firhill rd. Jaconelli'S was the
local for best icecream and local talent !! Great to recall Mario and his sister Amelia, she I understand is now living in Italy.
The name of Melrose has been mentioned, if memory serves me, the Melrose Cafe was at the top end of Maryhill near to Lochburn rd.and was run by another Jaconelli sister


yes it was lisa jaconelli that was married to jackie melrose and ran the melrose cafe at the bottom of lochburn rd on maryhill rd. their hot chocolate was to die for.

Peter Robson

I was born and spent the first 7 years of my life in Firhill Street, 100 metres from Jaconelli's - which was the big treat of my week. That was 50 years ago. I last visited in 2003 and was surprised and very pleased to find Jaconellis still there. The ice cream was as good as I remembered. Go the Jags!


I was teaching at Glasgow School of Art this week & was treated to lunch at what my friend described as a great cafe. He wasn't wrong. And on the way out the etched door of a knickerbocker glory & an ash tray caught my eye. I got back home & yep, it's in your marvellous book. 570 Maryhill Road, Cafe D'Jaconelli. What a beauty. The milkshakes were recomended, so I has a strawberry one. I suddenly felt young again, & slightly mischevious, being far from home & indulging myself this way. And it did wonders for my hangover. I now feel compelled to put this beautiful wee cafe into a book of my own. So, coming soon, 'Rocket Man & the Strawberry Milkshake'...

e. gibson

I am doing family tree.Does anyone know of a James Mcdonald who lived at 1070 Maryhill Road in 1949.Any info will be appreciated.

jack moloney

I last saw the cafe in 1957. Nice to see somethings last

evelyn moloney

Hi Jack Moloney,

Do you come from 68 Northpark Street in Maryhill and have a brother called William? If so, you are my father-in-laws brother!!

Evelyn Moloney

tom manley

another cracker for the blog - il caffe at anniesland cross. A Hidden Gem in Glasgow but fantastic music and brekkie!

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