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Pete Ashton

That photo's just a stock one from Google, in case anyone wants to credit me for it's wonderfulness.

Nice to see Mr Egg reviewed, I must say, though I wasn't so impressed with the food the last time I went in. That said, it was at 2 in the morning and I suspect they don't put quite so much effort in then.

Bit of trivia - in the 90s the tag line was "Eat like a King for a Pound" but as prices rose it kinda lost its snappyness. They also used to ONLY do meals with eggs, but that has changed a bit too.

Glad you noticed the ceiling - with all the smoking and grease in the air I wonder how often it gets cleaned?

Karen Fry

Nearly two years in Birmingham and I hadn't been to Mr Egg till last Wednesday. Must say I wasn't as impressed as I thought I might have been, but with egg + chips + a cuppa for £2.10, I perhaps shouldn't be too picky! Must do a review of the Reservoir Cafe at some point, but as someone nicked the digital camera from work I'll have to wait till I've got round to buying my own.


The great thing for me about MrEgg is the menu. I went in thier with a young boy who's autistic and for has only ever eaten bacon (of occasion) and McDonald's fries, everything else he turns his nose up at and refuses to eat.
The reason I went in thier was for a plate of chips for him. However as soon as he saw the menu with pictures on he went straight to it and chose EBCB (this really is the truth) and ate the bloody lot. Greasy spoons with picture menus are fantastic for him as he can see what he wants to eat.


Without doubt one of the WORST cafes I have ever been in - and thats a lot! No bacon - just reconstituted "bacon flavour product", barely warm egg and not even a good cup of tea. Have always previously used the cafes in the market halls and will be going back to them next time!

helen mccaigue

i heart Mr Egg


Do you remember when the outside sign read "EAT FOR A KING FOR £1", like ten years ago or even less. Now it's £3.

However, it's still good value for money. Nice cafe, greasy as fuck, but that's what's good about it. Proper hangover stodgearama.

Mr egg is an institution!

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