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I think as far as the heartily breakfast goes, this has to be up there with the best of them.

As mentioned, not only do you get a fair portion of chips, but they appear to be of the "seaside" standard that you wouldn't expect to see outside of a "fish & chip" establishment.

One thing that you failed to mention, which you, and others may not consider to be an important oversight, is how the generous portion of baked beans are piled on top of the chips, this is most defiantly a positive point gained for “Tower restaurant”.

It allows the flavour from the baked beans to mingle and soak into the chips, and also soften the chips.

(Top Tip Ladies and Gents) I find that in some of the poorer quality cafes, with the French fry style chips, you have to scoop your beans on top of the "chips" and leave for a few minutes, to allow the juices to soak through to the "chips", this way they soften up nicely, and you can at least pretend that you have some traditional soggy real chips on your plate.

Regarding the Bacon and Egg, i dont feel i need to add anything, they are present, and looking of an equally excellent standard as the Chips and Beans do.

I've not visited the place myself, however, i can assure you that once the weather picks up (Who am i kidding, the weathers always lousy in Skeg!) i shall be making a visit.

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