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Sarah's is brilliant. Smelled of bleach on the way in, but hey -- at least they clean.

Buffalo Bill

Can't believe that you didn't see Egg chips and beans on Mario's menu. I am sitting in Mario's right now (linksys thanks for the wi-free!) and have just eaten egg chips beans and bubble. The chips are hand-cut! OK, I had poached not fried, but fried egg chips and beans would have cost you £4.70.

I think you owe it a visit!

Joe Pop

I've been eating at Sarah's for many years...food always great, staff friendly and welcome us as valued regulars! Free tabloids too!


i'm a big cafe fan, my favourite would be mario's in kelly st always ask for the days special its always great rarely more than a fiver and usually made by his mum chicken casserole is the best if your lucky and its on the menu
second favourite place portugese cafe the al bia (check spelling) murray st, camden massive special breakfast with great sausages 3.70
and lastly the double 6 in eversholt st , marvelous wimpy type scampy and chips
and really nice girl behind the counter who always remembers what you had last time even if your an infrequent visitor , total cabbie vibe may put some off

keep up the good work

happy munching


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