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Oh wow! Someone else who has unearthed the delights of the Smithy.

They serve the BEST breakfast in Derbyshire - I particularly recommend the breakfast with oatcakes. Perfect for a post-Lathkil Dale walk.

Andrew & Jasmine Houghton

I agree wholeheartedly with all the above comments. My wife Jasmine and I have sampled the Smithy breakfast on many occasions and we return as often as possible for another large helping. Once you've tackled this generously sized dish (or it's vegetarian counterpart as my wife does), I guarantee that you will leave here a lot happier and probably a good few pounds heavier too


It's great. But does it surpass the Grindleford Sation Cafe?

Denis Mooney

Top class place - great grub - good atmosphere - set in some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain.
Plus at night it turns from a caff into a nice restaurant with very good cooking.

Denis Mooney

Went again one evening last week and they were still bang on their game. Excellent food served in a very friendly atmosphere. Well worth a visit! Or two!

James Prince

Having been a fan of the Old Smithy and EBCB I was very sad to learn about the death of Ed Driscoll the cheery owner. I believe his two sons have now taken over. I wish them every success in making this a fitting memorial to Ed and good honest food.


Boulevard cafe on corporation road grimsby has a fantastc menue and the breakfasts are great,also the prices unbelievable ( 2 breakfasts and 2 coffees for under £4 for the 2, the place is tatty but the food great and for tho's on diets the breakfasts are griddled not fried and good quality too.. :)

Emily Heath

If you liked this, then try The Courtyard in Hope. It's set back a little from the main road so keep an eye out for the signs. The new management have transformed it into a friendly, welcoming cafe serving the best breakfast I've had all year. It also turns into an intimate restaurant at night (you need to book though) serving excellent food at prices well worth a visit (or several)


Aaah an excellent place. Although when I was here I settled for a bottle of cold Peroni after a walk around Bakewell then Monyash. I've lived in Derbyshire 22 years and never visited this village, what a pleasant surprise it was.

Perhaps if I can coax someone to walk Lathkil with me I shall try this splendid breakfast.

Derbyshire Expert

Looks like a good breakfast!

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