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I'm glad you've reviewed this place, which I've only been to a handful of times. If memory serves, the owner's Egyptian. Frankly,it's preferable to Blandford's, round the corner.

About 12 years ago I spent a day at a career advisory service in nearby Gloucester Place. I visited the Cherrytop three times that day, as a welcome respite from the barrage of isometric tests !


I love your blog. I fell in love with greasy spoons when I first koved to East London. I've made a link to your blog. I went to the New Piccadilly a few weeks ago and thought it was fab!


thanks Em, that's very kind of you.

ted mills

Love the Atkins sign! There's the enterprising spirit!


Someone has just told me the Cherrytop is boarded up. I hope this is a refurb and not closure.


Yes, how in the world did they make that white latice work? That is brilliant! I must know!


I'm not sure we'll ever know about the lattice, I think they've closed down. I'll try and go by soon and check it out.


is it closed down anyone?


My guess is they used a fork to scope egg white over the yolk.


I walked past today. It does seem to have gone.


That's a shame. When I lived around the corner I used to have 'the usual', a full English, there once if not twice every weekend, often with friends. The owner was indeed Egyptian.


I walked past this cafe last Saturday. It's still boarded up.

The guy in the newsagents next door seemed to think that another cafe might be opening up in its place, but he wasn't sure.

Watch this space.


Still closed, but the Blanford Cafe on Chiltern Street is a great nearby cafe.

Said El-Kwasmy

Thank you all for your very kind comments about the Cherry Top Cafe.

From the Egyptino owner


Said, it's a shame your place closed.

Independent businesses are getting squeezed out all over central London. I suppose it was the usual problem with rent and rate increases ?

Good luck in whatever you do next.


not from around london, but needed some cheering up after going to a friends funeral.as i passed through paddington street, i remembered the cafe where i attended with my friend back in july 2006. i must admit, the english breakfast we had in their was very tasty and it covered the whole plate, something many cafe's dont do nowadays( a full portion).for me, this was probably one of the best cafe's i've eaten in, not solely because of the food, but i was made to feel welcome. i would recommend for those passing through london, if your near paddington street, pop in as i am sure your like it as much as i did.

Said El-Kwasmy

Thank you Patrick and Simon about your new and kind comments, yes it was the new rent that made it impossible to carry on and make honest living at the Cherrytop Cafe.


I used to love the Cherrytop Cafe too - the food was great and the welcome warm and friendly.
Mr El-Kwasmy, you made it a truly lovely place.
What a shame it has closed down - probably replaced with another boring trendy juice bar, or the like. Casa Beci, just along, was also a lovely local Italian restaurant. I wonder if that's been replaced with a boring clone too.

Sean Fairbrother

I also visited th cherry top a few days ago and was very sorry to see it has been referbished.
I used to live above it for about 5 years and was a tennet of Mr El-Kwasmy. I hope if Mr El-Kwasmy looks at this blog he will contact me a i am moving back to london after an absance of 5 years. Pls email me [email protected]

Thankyou and long live the memory of the Cherry Top RIP

Farhad Nikkhah

I worked here 20 years ago when I was a student. I have to go back there for breakfast or lunch with my kids one day. The owner was a lovely chap.


So sad to see this place go, sadly another on the long list of great old cafes that are closing down.

Im running a petition forum on my site where you can share some memories of closed down favourites and sign the petition to try and keep the good ones open.

Please take a look at



Maria Ascensión

I worked at the CherryTop for a few years. Mister El Kwasmy was a great person and so was his wife a "real londoner". All my love to them and their daughters.
Any chance to get in touch with them?

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