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ted mills

I see Robert Wyatt was having his lunch there.

Tom P

Have you seen the Caledonian Coffee Lounge on Trinity Street in Huddersfield? Classic. Sign in window - Liver and Onions £2.30 if you're a pensioner....


I'll have to try that. Many thanks


Robert Wyatt - that's exactly what I thought!

Paul Boorman

Hey russ, this is my local!! I sayed to the owner the other day abaht what a great brekfast!! is that old boy gaull in the picture? smudger sayed to me it is? heyyyyyy! my favrite is breakfast n0 2. egg, beans, sausager, bacan, toast and tea - sluurrrp!! hey! about maries!! heyyyyyyy!

Steve Gaull

yeah, gaully's been there, got proper naughty. put away a tidy bit of nosh. A right naughty old bit, breakfast. Felt well ream. I'm feelin' well bent.


I've been there too, went with a mate for dinner: the thai was rather good. A lot better than Sino Thai up the road, which had really skanky pork.

But cheers for reviewing their breakfast, any chance of sampling more sarf london fry up delights?


Cafe Vivaldi, Streatham High Road, South London.

This is my local cafe and in terms of ebcb they are one of the best i've had! Portions are a good size and the cups of tea are as they should be in a cafe too - in a plain white mug with full-fat milk and a tea-spoon in it so you can add sugar 'to taste'.

Great site by the way!


This is my current fav though I tend to have the egg corned beef beans and chips. And those chips are really great.

Its open on a short night shift too when it just serves the Thai food with a bring your own booze arrangement (no cover charge). If you're ever hungry at Waterloo nip out the side entrance in front of Platform 1 turn right cross zebra downsteps left right and you're there. About a minute and a whole lot better than anything you'll get on the concourse.

Lee Edmonds

Maries cafe is a must! i ate there for years and still badly miss it now...although i only had a fry up once i could never resists the chicken, chilli and sweet basil with rice...at 8 in the morning, midday or 6pm


hey all. i love maries, going tommorrow for my lunch.... all the way from sunny guernsey. may i recommend the noodles with chillie and basil. i'm voting it number1 cafe ever.


I visited London last week, and after reading the book, me and my godfather went on a hunt for one of the cafes. We found Marie's near Waterloo and it was great! The ebcb was delicious and the people in there were really nice and when we told them we found them in the book they were really happy took it off us and showed it to the kitchen staff!
Please find some cafes in Manchester for me to visit with your seal of approval!

Sirichai (Mr. A)

I was there since 8 years ago, the time when I was graduated student. This place not only restaurant but it my sweet home.I got more than delicious food here but I found warm welcome and truely sincere from the owner of the res. Thank God to let me know this home......Mr.A

Axe Victim

This used to be my local when I worked in Lower Marsh many years ago. The cry used go up: "Double egg and a fried slice!" Wonderful.

fuzzy john

Marie's is the best caf' on the South Bank. Great breakfast and you gotta try chicken with panang sauce over noodles. Tell Sue the fat Yank recommended it. I have paid three times as much for food not near as good.

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