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The interior is so retro! I love it.


I have to tell you that I adore your blog! I got to live in London for 3 months a few years back and now I'm regretting that I didn't eat ebcb every day. I live in New York City and you can only find ebcb at British eateries where they're overpriced because of the kitsch value. It's a shame really.

The Other Anne

I am loving the sale and pepper shakers.


thanks Nerdalie, glad you like the site.


Bacon and Egg's - you just can't beat a good plate of Bacon and Egg's! Brunch? Bagles? French Toast? Do me a favour! - Bacon and Egg's! - that's what I'm talking about.

ted mills

Love the sign. Why is the possessive S so bloody big? And why all the space? To make room for "Cafe"?

Excellent find, and you're so right about the retro-'80s music video feel. What band now would film inside a cafe?

Annie - London Underground Blog

Looks so brilliantly like something from up the junction


Love this blog, even though it makes me really hungry!!!


thanks Dave, that's good to hear


i just love it but hink ou should change your name to tony yellow

Andy Brown

I used to stay in the flat above the cafe from December 83 'til spring of 85. It was owned and run by George (Greek Cypriot can't remember surname)and his family. We regularly ate there. It looks like it has rightly remained a bastion to the old Battersea - gentrification began in early 84' herringbone pavements and estate agents! I have a picture of me standing outside the cafe if you need any old photos.

Andy Brown - Portishead Bristol

Jonny Crabb

Tony's is a Northcote institution.

I took a couple of photos of the cafe to a local framing shop a while back. The girl working there, Battersea born and bred (a rare breed), recognised Tony immediately and said "the day Tony's cafe closes is the day Northcote Road dies". Couldn't agree more. The pictures are now on the wall in the cafe (opposite wall to the one pictured). I'll send you electronic copies if you want...

In reply to Reggie's post above, I was talking to Tony last summer about the sign as he was considering changing the colours. He said that he painted the sign with his own fair hand and messed up the "S" a bit, so it wasn't intentional. Thankfully he decided not to change the sign in the end.

Here's to years more hungover Sundays indulging in Tony's legendary Breakfast Special.

steve barlow

i also lived in the flat above the cafe circa 1983 where i met andy brown. George & his wife ( who ran the Launderette in her spare time!) were two of the nicest people i met in London. I have many happy memories of the food i noshed in the Cafe.


hi there
i sale bacon the chepest you can find



Love this site as much as I love Tony's. One question - I'm a big fan of chips with my fry-up, but have many friends who regard this as treason, claiming the only legitmate source of stodge should be a fried slice and/or accompanying plate of bread & butter. Anyone got any thoughts on the subject?


Yes I think chips are legit, but not fries. I might be tempted to say that baked beans are required if you are having chips, but that would just be personal taste rather than morals. Good point, though.

axel bouchaux

surprised that no one has mentioned this previously but the S+P shakers actually LOOK like tony...


I've always thought chips with breakfast was wrong. Until I went to Tony's that is. Fantastic chips. Not like the pale undercooked ones you get in all English chippies.


hi to everyone on the site and to my precious customers who have left comments on my cafe! thankyou so much for your comments, i've become very emotional indeed. if there are any comments about the food or the cafe please keep sending them on for me. i have left my email for any personal messages. Thankyou again!


Hi. Word on the street is that Tony has now changed the sign above his shop. You didn't hear it from me ....


Tony's is simply amazing, delicious food and friendly service.


as in there today and the scrambled egg is a very tasty too


The best breakfast fry up in SW11! In a time where Northcote Road continues to gentrify with chain stores, estate agents, and soulless "posh" restraunts and bars, it is reassuring to see Tony's still in business.

Presided over by Tony, the larger than life personality who is equal parts owner, cook, Maitre'd, and entertainment.

An unreconstructed greasy spoon cafe where builders and market stall owners rub elbows with lawyers and City workers. Superb breakfast menu.

Personalised service, friendly banter, affordable prices, and a great environment overall. An oasis in the midst of all the expensive boutiques and estate agants that have taken over Northcote.

Enjoy this simple pleasure while it lasts!


I was here a few days ago.

Tony's landlord is putting the rent up 120%. I'm not sure whether this is the final offer or the opening salvo in the rent review negotiations. Anyway, there's a petition being organised to present to the landlord.

To reiterate previous comments, this area has seen a tsunami of gentrification in the last 20-25 years. Even those independent shops( some good, some a bit twee) that displaced the retail relicts of this area's working-class past are now being threatened by the usual clone town high street chains. Wandsworth Council may do something to stop Northcote Road going the way of most of London's retail areas, but there's no guarantee this will happen.

I'd advise everyone that likes this place to get down there asap, and as often as possible. Don't forget to sign the petition.


Further to Patrick's comments, PLEASE, PLEASE if you're passing Tony's whilst shopping, pop in and sign the petition. I, for one, can't imagine Northcote Road without Tony's!! Let's do all we can.

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