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Ooh! Congratulations!!!!

This is a most excellent idea for a book and I can't wait to get a hold of a copy (which may be difficult here in the US). I plan on having me ol' Dad cook me a proper fry up next time I see him next week. A little bit o' tradition in the family...


LOL. Great set of lists. I laughed with resonance at every single one of them!

Congrats on the book deal. That's very cool.


thanks guys,

mills70 - if you can't get a copy in the US via amazon or someone, let me know and I'll send you one. I'm committed to flooding the world with the scale of my ego.

Augustus - glad you liked the list. And I love your blog. Very nice.


Fantastic, will the cafes in the book be london ones.

I have yet to order a ebcb from anywhere. normally favouring a full brekkie. One day though !!


the cafes aren't just London. They're all over the UK. (Well, the bits I normally get to anyway.)


Utterly fantabulous site.

I am an especially big fan of farty ketchup bottles.

I also like cafe art, especially framed Princess Diana pictures and magic waterfalls ( the magic waterfalls photos in frames where the waterfall appear to move, I think they are some kind of optical illusion thing.)


will this book be available on Amazon US anytime..?


abi - I'm not sure. I'll find out. If it's not I'm sure we can get you one somehow.



Marcus Fletcher

What an awesome site / book idea!!.
I've recently been diagnosed diabetic on a ccount of my sedantary lifestyle and daily grease intake.
I've taken my new diet seriously and as a result,
I miss fry ups terribly. Your pictures are doing me no favours!
Thanks for reminding me theres nothing wrong with English cuisine, and that 'Real Cafe Culture' isn't dead.

Marcus Fletcher

oh yeah . I really want one of the ebcb T-Shirts .
Do you have any left ?. . also . .e-mail me
because I have an awesome idea for a new design !! . . You can HAVE it for nothing if you want to use it, such is my enthusiasm for your cause...
Talk to me . .


Marcus, there are some left. And I've just emailled you.




i liked your web site but did not get to read it all becuase its too long.

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