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GOOD LORD! I had the WORST hangover breakfast experience here when I went with my boyfriend. Admittedly I was ordering a vegetarian breakfast, but still!

I'm not a veggie but my alcohol consumption had left my vitamim levels so depleted that I felt the need for pea studded "soysages", egg, chips, beans, tomato and mushroom.

Anyway, we waited over an hour for our meals which, when hungover, is a LIFETIME! The boyfs arrived slightly before mine and he tucked in with gusto, the colour rapidly returning to his cheeks.

Suddenly a vision of horror appeared in my line of sight and was plonked down in front of me. "Whats this!!?" I sputtered. "Vegetables" they replied. And they weren't wrong. Despite advertising a vegetarian breakfast, their IDEA of one was a plate of broccoli and spinach.

Quite how that took an hour to prepare was beyond me.

I cried. I actually cried. And went and bought a pie in Spitalfields.

I am not sure what the lesson is here - 1. Rosa's Cafe is bad or 2. vegetarianism is bad.

Mr. Beer Belly

Beans for breakfast? No toast?


I'm afried it has been shot down now! Another beautiful London caff is gone...

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