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Good recommendation. The Wilton was my local caff when I worked a couple of doors up - it's usually rammed at lunch and for good reason. Excellent fry-ups and take out sarnies :-)


I used to go here for about a couple of years. then they got new people in who kept changing the prices and started serving food which wasn't cooked properly and inedible. i mentioned to the staff and they just shrugged! hopefully they move on and i can go back as its a lovely caf.


used to go here for years then new staff came in started serving dodgy food whilst putting the price up and would only shrug when i complained. hopefully new staff will takeover and ill be able to go back as it used to be great and have too nice middle age ladies running it..


Woefully, the Wilton has now become the Won't-on. Inside, the windows are covered with faded tabloids and outside, if memory serves, the lovely signage is gone. Happily though, the Victoria Cafe on Terminus Place (between the Tube entrance and Pacha disco-club) shows no sign of slipping away. It does a very decent bacon sarnie and a smashing brew. Best though, the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the steps into the Tube provide opportunity for hours of inactive observation.

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