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I've just seen a poster for the book in Diana's Diner http://russelldavies.typepad.com/eggbaconchipsandbeans/2003/11/dianas_diner_en.html which is a lovely way to promote the book.

That's what I call a good example of a Planners’ idea. Good, old fashioned ‘why didn’t I think of that’ common sense.

I hope that didn't sound patronising.


I wish I could reach out and buy that book!!! We can't get it here in the US.


I kind blogger/blog reader me your book. FRustratingly it arrived at my UK address. I have around 8 months to wait until I can open it.


Ben - I'm glad you like the posters. I have to say they weren't my idea at all, and I didn't really like what they came up with. Just shows how little I know.

Alicia - there's not much possibility of a US publisher taking this up. but you can still order from Amazon.co.uk - the duty and postage aren't that much.


Sorry, I'm distracted by that "how animals have sex" cover.

Anyway, I'll be coming to the UK in April, so I'll be looking for the book then!


Ted - I know what you mean about 'how animals have sex' - how can I compete with that?

The writer Alan Coren, looking around at what made the best-selling books, wrote something called Golfing For Cats and then put a huge swastika on the cover.


It's not the posters that are good. It's the positioning. There's is a big long wall full of theatre posters and right in the middle is a poster for a book about cafes. In a cafe. Makes perfect sense. I suppose you should sell them in cafes too?


Russell, A friend in the UK just sent me a copy of your book, so I am possibly one of the earliest Australian readers. Nice work.

FYI, I suffer from a similar egg-centricity, and have spent most of my spare time this year blogging breakfast reviews here...



Russell Allen

It's been a couple of months since I've looked at your blog and now you're published.

Well Done. I am definitely buying a copy and it's a cool Crimbo pressie to boot. Keep us posted on a sequel.

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