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Is there any way I can get this book in the USofA? I REALLY, REALLY would like a copy.. but I do not want to pay customs & VAT from Amazon. Any help greatly appreciated - Alicia


Hiya. Found your blog via Annie's Underground and have added it to my Blogroller.

Fell in love with London the first time I visited in 1998, and subsequent trips in '00, 02 and 04 haven't dispelled it.

Your blog has given me great, albeit high cholesterol, reason to widen my horizens and visit more than just museums and shops the next time I visit.

Can I add Benson's in Stratford Upon Avon to your list of places to visit for a great cup of tea?

Cheers from the other side of t'world.


You have to do that thing on Amazon: I am the author and I want to comment on my book.

I've never yet seen a book whose author had actually made a comment.


Saw you on BBC Breakfast News last week - an OB from a cafe? Who'd have thought? Private Eye will have a field day. Anyway, nice one. Did the presenter actually tuck in to her fry-up afterwards?


I'm gutted to have missed your TV appearance !!!

Nice to see I'm mentioned in the book, despite the wrong surname. Still, anonymity has its pluses !

Still no sign of the book yet. Any idea where it's available in central London ?


Oops sorry Patrick. Very sorry. It's supposed to be on sale everywhere but it's slightly lost in the pile of books about roundabouts. I know Waterstone's on Oxford Street had some yesterday.



Apology accepted. Glad to see the River Cafe, Putney Bridge got featured on the back cover.

I finally saw a few copies in Blackwells in Charing Cross Road, and bought one immediately. I'm about a third of the way through. It's given me a few belly laughs. It has a certain dry, John Peel-esque quality !

You should get your PR/Marketing people to get their finger out, as it's not visible in enough bookshops.

It should be jostling for dominance against all the "Crap Jobs", "Crap Towns", "Pains in the Office", "Men in Sheds" etc. etc. It's more than capable of seeing them off in the pre-Xmas frenzy.


Oh, come on. You sure that isn't Phil Collins?


Hey Russell,

FYI, I've put in an order for your book from jolly old Canada.

You spurred me on to write some words about my absolute favourite, The Ploughman's Lunch (TPL). I recently found an exemplary one at the White Lion Inn in Patterdale. Read all about it at one of my favourite websites, slowtrav.com:


I've also starting a small blog about British pubfood, and you can view my very own scotch eggs:


Best regards,


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