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Hmmm... I can have a crack at this for some Australian venues, if you like. The chips bit might be a challenge, but I'll see how I go.


Very nicely done, well written, highly professional. Made me want to open up an can of beans. Now I understand your fascination with a proper English breakfast. Some how my cornflakes no longer cut it.


I'd enjoy participating and getting fat at the same time.

I also enjoyed the book immensely, very inspiring. In it there was mention of forthcoming titles. Any news on these?



I have loved this site ever since I found pictures of the Harbour Bar in Scarbourgh. A joy to behold; plus their Pineapple Sundae is second to none.

I'm seriously considering a post of a few gems that I frequent in and around County Durham. The problem I have is I normally order Sausage ECB. How does this sit with you lads? When I do send a favourite in, I will of course stay with the EBCB, to maintain the purity of the site.

Needless to say my cup of tea and a think will revolve around the absence of sausage from my lunch.


hello Andrew, love to have something from you. even just a cup of tea thing if you can't bring yourself to do bacon.




I loved the "as I exhaust everywhere between work and home" comment. I know exactly what you mean; I do a lot of street photography (hobbies...what can you do?) and used to go all over the place with my cameras, but now that I'm older, work's got busy and the daughter's arrived I find I'm reduced most of the time to taking photos of things on my way to work, or on my way back home again....it's not a bottomless pit subject-wise is it?

david fogarty

What a great site. I can see myself coming here a lot.

Have you been to the the very small cafe next door to the Gate Cinema, Notting Hill? Well worth a visit. Laughin' boy Van Morrison always used to go there back in the 80s for a full fry up (you can take the boy out of Belfast). He was invariably accompanied by an attractive and bemused looking woman who was obviously not used to 'slumming it'. Isn't it amazing what penning the song 'Moondance' can do for sexual attraction. Another place worth going to is the Portugese cafe on the corner of Alfred Place and Store Street W1, not far from the Senate House. I used to have a great BLT sandwich at Da Marcos on the Strand. It sadly closed down about 5 years ago and has been replaced by another faceless restuarant ready to serve people up in town for an Andrew Lloyd Webber Weekend, serves them right then. I remember they attempted to rebrand the 'Full English' as the 'Builders Breakfast', complete with full-on macho burp afterwards no doubt.


Great site.
I'll send you a review and pics next time I go for an ebcb in Cardiff.
Keep up the good work, fella!


OMG!!! I PMSL!!!
Being a welsh girl in aus you have made me feel homesick!!! Especially the chips (or should that be bacon....hmmm...maybe the eggs..??!!)

Go Russell!! And FFS! Someone please find a decent cafe fo ebcb in Perth western Australia xxx

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