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I'm still having problems with your e-mail addresses. Fancy a New Picc meeting ? Please let me know.

What happened to the Lino's (in Store St)posts ? The caff's now on a monthly notice to quit, meaning they could be out double pronto.


hello Patrick,

Email should be working now. I'll drop you a line. Meeting would be good.

Lino's is here - http://russelldavies.typepad.com/eggbaconchipsandbeans/2004/01/linos.html


Hi Russell, big props to you and your breakfast blog from Canada.. it is quite fantastic.

I am planning on re-vamping my collaberative breakfast blog and was wondering if you would mind if I placed a plug for your book in the side line once I am able to do so.




I walked past Amigo's this morning.

There's a sign in the front window announcing that the place was closed for refurbishment from 24th March. The interior's been gutted.

Hopefully this cafe will rise again.

Beck's Sandwich bar in nearby Red Lion St/junction of Princeton St will cater for all your EBCB cravings.

Mr Atrocity

I live across the road from Amigo's and I'm sorry to report that it is still closed. A sad loss in the continuing war against the Starbucksation of everything.

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