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John Salmon

Saw the item on TV tonight and had to laugh. I'm a fan of two sausages two eggs chips and beans. I'm an artist and have a painting called this on my website. If you go here http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/jvsalmon/modgallery.html and scroll down you'll see it.
Let me know if you want some art for your blog. Great stuff.


Found you tonight through the BBC news site. I'm from the States, but London is always home in my heart. No place comes close. Cheers for making such an entertaining site.

Raheel Khan

I would recommend Tiffanys in the North Lanes, Brighton. Simply amazing-size portions - in fact brekkie is served in oval plates with extras thrown in.


YOu have to go to the College Cafe on Royal College Street Camden- I had a very happy 2 years living on that street and we were regulars at the caff.
Fantastic fry up and a local builders favourite which is always a good sign.The bacon is particularly good.


Also came by via the BBC Website today. I think I'm going to persuade the rest of my dept that today is Fry-up day, and head out for some lovely, lovely EBCB. It's been far too long.

And I'll echo Elizabeth's sentiments about Tiffany's in Brighton. Superb place for your greasy needs!

Mike McNamara

I came across your blog/sites from the link on the BBC site about the Blooker Prize!

Brilliant blogs/sites. I also still find visiting and eating in these types of cafes fascinating. Used to do that a lot when I visited London as a printing industry service engineer in the 70's. I particularly liked your 'top-ten' lists, very very funny; 'the drilling, the drilling'...

I then thought of the breakfasts that you used to get in the 'old' fashioned diners in the USA when I first started visiting New England in the late 70's/early 80's, sadly a disappearing 'sight'! Then I saw the menu item 'Breakfast in America' on your blog, so it looks like they have not died out completely.

Will come back and visit again, maybe with a place that I have found.


p.s what about a variation, 'Hammy, Eggy, Chippy'!

russell davies

hello everyone,

many thanks for the kind comments and the suggestions. I'm going to be in Brighton at the weekend so I'll have to find Tiffany's.

Sounds perfect.




Sterling work Mr. Davies, keep it up! I'm surprised no one has yet pointed you at Humbug's site (in the URL bit) where you can see all sorts of breakfasty (not a word, but I like it anyway) behaviour.

As a longtime poster to the brekkie newsgroup (which is where I saw the link to your blog, through the BBC page) I salute your dedication to the most important meal of the day. Although I dunno about the chips...


thankyou Halla,

c'mon - embrace the chip - they're divine in the morning.


love reading through after seeing story in bbc.com
If you are ever in Singapore try The Colbar. They do a great English breakfast with chips if you like.
When we were there, it was a treat every week for us to go there.


Hi Russ

I'm a big fan of FEB but I don't have the luxury of having an FEB at the caff inside the Winchester Bus Station every Saturday morning as I've now moved up closer to London. And one day, I'll follow your footstep to try out a few of the cafes you've visited. And one day, we may bump into each other!


If you're ever up in Brum again (note you've already been to Mr Egg) I recommend the Selly Sausage, in Selly Oak (www.sellysausage.co.uk). Very studenty rather than workman-filled 'cos it's near Bham uni, but great brekkie all the same. And cheap too, for the students.


Good luck in the Blookers! Hope you win.

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