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Hi Russell,

Looks nice!
It's at 155 Malden Road, NW5 4HT



I like the last photo in this post.


thanks marty - changes made.


Great looking site! I love the photo of the guy smoking his pipe eating brekkies. :) He just looks so content.


Reminds me of my drinking days that plate of food you assembled is the best next day cure for the
gutty wutz.


Lovely site - but what about the prices? really, speaking as a student of fine caffs who's done his time in all sorts of low paid odd jobs, price is important ya know. I mean there's a few times I've pitched up in a posh part of London and decided to go for a decent breakfast, nice enough food -but the price!! How can you be so cruel as to tempt us to some nice caffs without telling us the price? at least maybe a one-to-five pound sign rating, cheap as chips to fine like wine. cheers!


What a top site! A friend of mine (can't quite call him a boyfriend yet) toasts you as a master-blogger. I've got to say that I agree with him. It's 8.01pm, Friday night and i'm still in the office. I was waiting for something to run off the printer so that I could go home, and thought I'd have quick butchers. That was at around 7.30, and I've been happily busying myself on your site, smiling a little smile of satisfaction and contentment because it reminds me of lazy sundays in a greaser with a full english, a cup of tea (bag still in) and people who make me feel warm and fuzzy.... and the best bit is, in 2 days' time it's sunday again - hooray!

willie mcarthur

Russell, what a great site !! here is a bit of trivia for you, did you know in the early 20 th century , A lady going for a drink in a cafe in Paisley Scotland changed legal history throughout the world, and caused the first ever case off "Duty of Care", which changed law through out the world


Those aren't ebcb chips and you know it!
Surely you do.
Where are the flat chipped chips?

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