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For the sake of fact - there is not an area in Brighton known as 'North Lanes' - you are referring to North Road in the 'North Laine' area of Brighton.


OK, thanks for letting me know. Will ammend accordingly.


Enjoying your blog - being a 'big breakfast' cafe aficionado myself


I found this blog after reading an article on the BBC news site. I'm English and live in Paris - trying to satisfy a craving for a good breakfast here is a tough call. So I come to this blog and look at your breakfasts! I gaze at the pictures and imagine eating what's on the plate, it's great! Each time I come back to England I'll be sure to check some of these places out...

So well written too, really brightens my morning!


thanks for the kind comments everyone, especially the expats finding memories of home on here. Very happy to help.

Annie Mole

Hey Russell very good interview and I totally agree about Chris' understandng - I think it helps that he's a long term blogger himself.

You've been on my blogroll for a long time (along with agoodplacefor acupofteaandathink) and it's a great blog.

Good luck in the blookers too !

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