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P. Hogan

The picnic benches outside the cafe ... great!

Stu Savory, Germany

How about always commenting on the quality of the Cuppa T too?


Hi, I discovered your blog through the BBC's Blooker Prize article and wanted to congratulate you for its awesomeness.

There's nothing like a good fry up, and to be frank, they were the only time my college canteen saw me before lunchtime...


Thank you for giving this place the credit it deserves. I even had eggs chips and beans today to see what it was like. Obviously missed you.
I would like to add my personal thanks to cilla for serving me my fry ups over the past 4 years and frankie the chef for cooking them. T is good and they make it strong on request.


i used to live opposite this cafe. wonderful place. bit disappointing they only had the Metro out, in my day they'd have the whole array of tabloids! recently went back for a bite to eat after 2 years and astonishingly they recognised me, though the lady who was once a member of staff now owns the place.


btw, the tea there is pretty rancid. best option is £3 meal: egg, bacon, sausage, chips, beans. add mushrooms & black pudding onto that and you're set for the day.

Kenneth Pollard

Hi I live at the other end of the street & eat there quite alot, not too fat as somedays we use the salad bar. But as for lunch the sweet & sour is for me & my freind. they have alot of Chinese staff & we are told there is going to be a Chinese down stairs soon! But we are told the man next dooe with the GUN STORAGE/SHOP has slowed this down will send report later.Ready for a full breakfast. Tarqin

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